Nintendo says Game & Watch Super Mario Bros will be shipped through March 2021

The official Nintendo of America website has confirmed that the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros system will continue to be shipped to retailers through approximately 31st March 2021. There was some confusion regarding this, simply because the device is seeing high demand and potential customers are worried that once the first batch goes it is going to be tough to secure one at all. It seems as though Nintendo will be replenishing stock from time to time, so you’ll need to keep an eye out on your favourite retailer. Here’s the message that was posted on the website:

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    1. That’s cuz youre not an old person like me. XD. We will all eventually pay for nostalgic things. You’ll see. :-)

  1. I am disappointed that it doesn’t have a or all of the game and watch games. I was hooked on the gameboy collections that had classic and modernized versions of each game.

    I think I want this anyway for whatever reason, but I would love an ultimate collection of game and watch games on a device like this.

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