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Retro Studios is reportedly investing over $500k to expand their HQ

The studio behind the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch title Metroid Prime 4, Retro Studios, is reportedly spending more than $500,000 on improving their Headquarters by next summer. According to US sales intelligence firm Intelligence360, the Nintendo owned studio will be expanding their office space by 40,000 square feet. This news comes soon after we reported that Retro Studios has taken on a former Rockstar developer and has assigned Marisa Palumbo as Lead Producer. Their work spans across many key franchises in the gaming industry such as Grand Theft Auto V and you can read more about that here.

Although there are a handful of job openings still left at Retro Studios, it seems very much so that the team are working very hard on the next Metroid Prime title. Hopefully we’ll get some info early next year, but in the meantime, watch this space – we’ll keep our eyes peeled for any more news surrounding the games’ development.


6 thoughts on “Retro Studios is reportedly investing over $500k to expand their HQ”

  1. I’ve seen them on Artstation all the time, they must be doing a massive employment run

    I’ve tried to get in as a Asset Artist, didn’t get in and now I kind of see why, they need more pros than noobies

  2. What have they been doing since DKC tropical freeze?
    Papa Nintendo paying the bills?
    Just feels like EA would have already closed the studio.

  3. With all the hires and now a workspace expansion, it seems like work on the game just got started. Prime 4 appears to be a LONG way out.

    The good news is, Metroid will get the attention it deserves and we may end up with a BotW-esque, open world, once-and-a-lifetime, genre-defining game.

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