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Cloud tech firm Ubitus working with developers to bring more cloud games to the Nintendo Switch

Ubitus, who are the tech team behind the cloud-based version of the recently released Control on Nintendo Switch from Remedy Entertainment, have stated that they are planning to bring more games to the system. The company said in a recent press release that they are working with numerous game developers to bring their games to the Nintendo Switch via cloud play. Ubitus doesn’t mention which companies they have approached, but it will be interesting to see what unfolds.

“In addition to 505 Games, Ubitus is currently working with numerous industry-leading game developers, aiming to bring their best games to the Nintendo Switch shortly.”



    1. You’re confusing Cloud gameplay with Netflix. Never compare apples with oranges. I play games whether the game is in physical, digital… and cloud gameplay. If it weren’t for PS Now, Xbox Game Pass, XCloud, Stadia, or Luna, we wouldn’t have that technology. How can you transfer your data if you don’t have a cloud?

  1. Watch me avoid this mess like a boss lol. I shall stick my cartridge and digital owned games thank you.


  2. Has anyone actually played this though? And how does is the quality and performance on the switch?

    1. I have 32mb broadband speed and I had a smooth experience, even in handheld mode. The game has an immersive story, that reminds me of X-Files, and the gameplay is fun. Don’t listen to the moaners. They would moan no matter what.

    2. Input delay isn’t quite as bad as you’d expect and the game both looks and runs great (obviously).
      Tried on a beefy wired home connection, and on a shoddy wireless work connection – both played well.
      Test it for yourself using the free Control demo ~

    3. I had played the Control demo in performance mode. Flawless… especially in 60fps. The graphics mode looks great… espcially the ray tracing. The downside… it’s as slow as a freaking turtle.

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