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Pokémon 25th anniversary logo revealed – fans urged to ‘stay tuned’ for more details about 2021 celebrations

The Pokémon Company International has announced that news for the 25th anniversary for the franchise will be coming soon by asking fans to stay tuned for more details on social media. No doubt next year will be a huge year for Pokémon, so it’ll be interesting to see what they have in store for fans. We also got treated to the 25th anniversary logo which you can see in the image above. The Serebii Twitter account shared another look at the logo today which you can see for yourself in the tweet below.

We’ll keep a close look out for any info about the celebrations that will take place next year.

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14 thoughts on “Pokémon 25th anniversary logo revealed – fans urged to ‘stay tuned’ for more details about 2021 celebrations”

      1. How were you disappointed? The world 🌎 is dealing with more important things than video games as of now. In a year of the global pandemic, we should be happy we even got Mario games. With more next year. If I was Nintendo I would have only released Mario 3D world. Then people would have been really mad. Next year the Switch is having monstrous releases. When we all have money again.


      2. Ignoring for a second Isaac Newton’s COVID posturing, can you name another video game anniversary that did significantly more to celebrate than Nintendo did for Mario’s 35th?

        They released a brand new handheld just to celebrate it.

        You might not care about 3D Switch compilations, Mario Battle Royale, or Game and Watch personally, but those are all subjective issues. If you got whatever it is you wanted instead, someone else would call that disappointing and say they wanted Mario 3D All-Stars instead.

      3. I don’t really dislike Super Mario 3D All-Stars. In fact, I got it myself and was quite happy to replay Super Mario Galaxy after such a long time. However, objectively speaking, they did quite a quick and dirty job on it, certainly not what the games deserved. We are talking about the most important video game icon of all time here, after all, and some of the most beloved 3D platformers ever.

        COVID is barely an excuse here. It’s not like Mario’s anniversary coming up was a surprise or anything. Nintendo could have prepared for it well in advance. Instead there’s some evidence that they might have actually only started development on the collection in early 2020. Now of course noone knows whether this is true, but I think the chances for that are decently high. This implies that they never even planned to give All-Stars a development time of more than a year, meaning they always planned for it to be just a rather quick and dirty job with relatively few changes.

        This fact alone I wouldn’t even mind too much, but they also decided to sell the collection for full price, which just isn’t really justified for the low amount of effort that went into it and which is something that only Nintendo could possibly get away with. However, even that is still not enough. For the cherry on top of the cake, they also decided to try this horrible new thing where they are only offering the game for a limited amount of time, likely in an attempt to get people to panic-buy – a move that actually seems to work out. It can be described as “questionable” at best and as “shady” at worst.

        It’s not really the game itself that I find disappointing, nor any of the other releases (Super Mario Bros. 35 is actually a pretty damn fine game). It’s more Nintendo’s attitude towards the entire thing that I find disappointing. They don’t really seem to treat it as a celebration of video game history, but rather just as an event to make a few quick bucks. I’d like to reiterate once again here that this is not just a random anniversary. It’s Mario’s anniversary – probably THE most important video game icon of all time and argueably the franchise that made Nintendo what they are today in the first place. I just think Mario deserves better.

        As for the question if there have ever been better Nintendo anniversaries before: I honestly don’t know, but I do know that Nintendo has made better collections than 3D All-Stars before, even unrelated to anniversaries. And again, this isn’t even really about me disliking 3D All-Stars, because as I said, I enjoyed replaying Galaxy (and also 64, to some degree). It’s about me being disappointed with Nintendo’s attitude in general. They currently feel like the least sympathic of the three console manufacturers, and I say this as someone who has been a Nintendo fan for almost 30 years and whose gaming collection is comprised by 90% of NIntendo games. Nintendo just feels very anti-consumer lately, and this doesn’t really make for an entertaining anniversary.

  1. Wow a wall of text for some bs feelings lol.

    Again there’s a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. Nintendo cancelled plans for a huge Mario E3 celebration, postponed opening a theme park, and not to mention their developers couldn’t work on anything for a solid three months so I’m pretty sure there were plenty of other stuff they would have liked to do this year but just simply couldn’t due to the circumstances so sit the fuck down.

  2. Well next year is going to be a big one for the franchise 25th anniversary. Its going to be huge like Sonic 30th anniversary in 2021. Both series celebrating there anniversaries in 2021 witch is a great combination.

  3. With how much money the Pokemon franchise has made them ever since the release of Pokemon GO, don’t be surprised if this is one of Nintendo’s very few great anniversaries. (Pandemic be damned.)

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