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US: Hacker who leaked Nintendo Switch info pre-launch is sentenced to three years in prison

Before the Nintendo Switch was released, some of you may recall that a hacker going by the name of Ryan Hernandez successfully released information about the console prior to its global release. Him and an associate phished a Nintendo employee and in doing so gained confidential information that they released to the public, and gloated about it in the process on Discord and other social media platforms. The individual was tracked down by the FBI, found at his parent’s address and ordered to stop, which he initially agreed to but then subsequently went back on his word and continued to illegally obtain confidential information from Nintendo and distribute his findings.

Ryan pleaded guilty to charges back in February this year .

It’s now been confirmed that Hernandez has been ordered to pay $259,232 in damages, serve three years in prison, agree to seven years of supervised release and he is required to register as sex offender due to indecent images of minors found on his computers.

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  1. So your telling me this guy got tracked by the fbi and was let go with a slap on the wrist and then went back and did the same thing over again lol

    Well hopefully the Committee for the Continuation of Responisble Hacking (CCRH) kicks this guy out! Tarnishing the good name of the everyday innocent hacker !

      1. Plenty of inocent hackers out there. Hacking is not a negative thing, but it gets bad press cause Joe Public only ever hear about hacking when it’s used maliciously against a company. Those gaming mods you enjoy, made by hackers. The remote play, or remote watching tools out there, made by hackers. Every electronic in your house/car, every card in your wallet, all with some level of built in security, provided and tested by hackers.

        This one however went of the rails, and wasted his potential. Plenty of workforces out there would have invited his skills once, but now that’s likely squandered by adding all this to a criminal record. Although I don’t think they missed out on much considering the sex offender side of things here. Without that, would have got a much lighter sentence.

      2. My brother works as a counter hacking teacher. That makes him a “innocent hacker.” Lots of businesses have hackers protecting their assets from non-innocent hackers.

      3. @Jinglefruit

        “Plenty of inocent hackers out there. Hacking is not a negative thing, but it gets bad press”

        The issue you’re running into is you aren’t using the same definition of “hacker” or “hacking” as the people you’re trying to correct. Its purely a semantic difference, not a difference in principle.


        “My brother works as a counter hacking teacher. That makes him a “innocent hacker.” Lots of businesses have hackers protecting their assets from non-innocent hackers.”

        The casuals who think of all hacking as negative would not think of your brother as a “hacker”, so it isn’t a substantive counterpoint. Police are trained in thieving techniques, that does not make them thieves. At least, that’s how the term is used by the people you’re trying to address.

        Not making a statement on which way is the “correct” use of the term. Just trying to bridge what I see as mostly a communication gap.

          1. I’m asking because YOU clearly don’t.

            An oxymoron isn’t some stupid person based on what you perceive as stupid.

            1. What the hell? Are YOU stupid? If you could read, you would see that I didn’t even use the word stupid, nor did I imply it. I was referring to the phrase “innocent hacker.” Which in regards to Nintendo’s policy where their consumers are guilty of tampering with their hardware, is the opposite of innocent, therefore making a hacker that is innocent an oxymoron.

              1. Are you always this rude to people?

                Also, don’t call me fuckin’ stupid, because I’m not!

                1. You were the one who implied I didn’t know what the word I specifically chose meant. And then were wrong about it. I was only rude to you because you were rude to me. Now you can apologize about that and maybe I’ll forgive you, but maybe you shouldn’t baselessly make wrong assumptions and try to call them out.

  2. At first I was like “what, why would someone go to jail because of leaking info on a video game system”, and then I read the pedophilia thing.
    Honestly, very weird to make that just a side note.

    1. Yeah, I too was a little recoiled by reading that. Still a very bad thing, though, but a weird one to mention on the sidelines like that, lol.

    2. Yeah it was very strange to me. I heard about this a while ago before this article was posted and I was like WHAT?

      The guy that I don’t know about, it seems like he got what’s coming to him for messing with gaming companies like them by hacking.

  3. I feel like the punishment is way extreme for the crime. I agree with the prison time, but 260k fine? Dang you literally might as well just sentence him to death or life in prison because you’re just locking him in to a life of crime for putting such a massive debt on him. Either that or he’ll just be able to declare bankruptcy and get out of it in exchange for losing his credit and subsequently not being able to rent a house or apartment. 3 years in prison sounds reasonable, but that fine is gunna permanently ruin his life I feel.

    1. Well, there is also that whole pedophilia thing.
      Sorta makes the punishment look like he’s getting off light.

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