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Wallace and Gromit studio Aardman and Bandai Namco are working on new IP

Bandai Namco and Aardman have announced that they are working together to collaborate on a fresh new IP. Aardman is the team responsible for the beloved Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, and more. Aardman will be creating new characters and worlds and Bandai Namco will be behind the publishing and development of the new video game. The team says more details about the collaboration will be revealed at a later date. Here’s a few choice quotes from some of the individuals involved.

Daniel Efergan, ECD of Interactive suggests “As modern storytellers, the formats we create for are fundamentally changing year on year.  This creates a space bubbling with potential, the chance to weave worlds with many windows, allowing people to play, watch or even perform with the IPs we create.  But no matter what the format, no matter what the platform, the need for characters to fall in love with, epic universes to explore, and ultimately great storytelling, will always be front and centre.”

Sean Clarke, Managing Director of Aardman, commented: “Interactive Entertainment is a huge growth area within the entertainment world, and with new emerging technology blurring the lines of watching and playing, we are keen to develop strategic partnerships with partners such as BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe that share our vision of creating new IP that embraces this new world and cement our studio’s reputation as a multi-disciplinary creative hub.”

“This new partnership with Aardman is a dream come true, as it opens up a world of possibilities,” said Hervé Hoerdt, SVP of Digital, Marketing & Content at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, “The teams at Aardman and BNEE are a perfect cultural and creative fit to build a successful long term partnership, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.“


4 thoughts on “Wallace and Gromit studio Aardman and Bandai Namco are working on new IP”

  1. thats really cool. I wish Don Bluth would be able to do something similar. Would be cool to see a Pac-Man World 4 in a W&G art style, but new IPs are always welcome now a days, especially if its a big-name publisher backing it. .

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