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Funimation teases app for Switch

The Switch is a fantastic system for games, but multimedia apps for the hybrid console have been rather lacking. Many requests have been made by Switch users for a Netflix app, Prime Video, Spotify apps etc, but nothing has emerged. If you are a fan of anime then you will be interested to see that Funimation has teased an app for the Nintendo Switch. It’s not clear when it will be arriving, but one can only assume that it will be soon. As soon as we hear more we shall be sure to let you know.

Thanks to sonicgalaxy27 for sending in the news tip!

4 thoughts on “Funimation teases app for Switch”

  1. yay more apps, still needs Netflix and a web browser. (Microsoft just bring edge to the switch since you brought some of your games)
    but seriously more apps. ….like why not? already taking back the gaming space from apple. why not take away app space from them? dont have to be a smartphone. but …..if i can cloud stream games and run the new doom….then why can’t i browse the web or order door dash, or operate my smart home stuff? especially if they focused on entertainment and apps for like doing homework or study…..idk just seems like Nintendo is dropping the ball on that side of things….and they bright us the Wii and ds so it’s really silly

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