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Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft join forces to help improve online safety

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have partnered together to show their commitment in helping to make online play safer for everyone including their youngest and most vulnerable players across their platforms. Via Xbox Wire, Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Operations, has revealed that the big three organisations are working together by sharing some key guidelines to follow that should help make the digital spcial space a better place for everyone.

In his post on the Xbox news site, McCarthy highlights that “All players deserve to have fantastic social gaming experiences in settings where respect and safety are mutual”. He goes on to explain “At Xbox, we are aligned with both Nintendo, on behalf of the community of Nintendo Switch players, and PlayStation in our belief that protecting players online requires a multidisciplinary approach – one that combines the benefits of advanced technology, a supportive community, and skilled human oversight.”

The three principles are prevention, partnership and responsibilities:

Prevention: Empower players and parents to understand and control gaming experiences.

  • We provide controls that let players customize their gaming experience.  We support parents with the tools and information necessary to create appropriate gaming experiences for their children.
  • We recognize that for safety features to be useful, they must be easy to use. We will promote the availability of our safety tools through our platforms, support channels, services, on our websites and in retail stores to reach more players and parents.
  • We continually inform our parents and players through our codes of conduct, terms of use, and our enforcement practices.
  • We invest in technology to help thwart improper conduct and content before a player is subject to harm. 

Partnership: We commit to partnering with the industry, regulators, law enforcement, and our communities to advance user safety.

  • The industry’s commitment to safety is central. We believe that we have an opportunity to collaborate for the benefit of the video game industry and all players to offer a safer gaming experience.
  • We work with industry trade organizations, industry members, regulators, law enforcement, and experts to develop and advance online safety initiatives.
  • We commit to conducting shared research for the benefit of the industry.
  • We believe that hate and harassment or exploitation of younger players in any way have no place in gaming. We partner with our community to promote safe gaming behavior and encourage the use of reporting tools to call out bad actors.
  • We partner with ratings agencies such as the ESRB and PEGI to ensure that our games are rated for the appropriate audience.

Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable for making our platforms as safe as possible for all players.

  • We make it easy for players to report violations of our code of conduct and, in addition to removing content, we take appropriate enforcement actions for violations, including restricting players from using our services for misconduct.  
  • We comply with all local laws and will respond to all lawful requests from law enforcement. We promptly notify law enforcement if we observe unlawful conduct or where we believe a player is at risk of imminent harm. 
  • We publish our rules and requirements and we ensure that players who have been reported understand the requirements for continued engagement with our platforms.  

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16 thoughts on “Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft join forces to help improve online safety”

  1. “Reporting Tools”
    Back in the day, when I used to game online on my XB360. Battlefield Bad Company 2, I would straight up make a mockery of the other max-rankers. Knifing them and taking their gold tags. Naturally, this was seen as one-upping the other, and was humiliating. Never, ever did I talk to teammates, never used a mic. Yet, one day, I go to turn on my system, come to find out it was banned from going online.

    And XBOX had a policy where they wouldn’t tell you why they banned you, though I knew that mass-reporting for whooping dudes asses was the reason, which of course, was always a HUGE flaw with the reporting tool.

    Long story short, since that day, I have NEVER, EVER touched an XBOX related system, and never will. That 360 was sold, and the money from it went into purchasing a PS3.

    1. Dude that is some bull. I didn’t even play online because it cost so much between buying the device and Gold just to play. I take back what I said earlier, they should just add a mute button and a block button from future online sessions. Modding system are always bad when a corporation is in charge.

        1. It wouldn’t necessarily stop them being racist, it would just allow the player to no longer hear their comments. I’d argue it’s better this way since there are too many ways for you to get reported. No matter how civil you try to be there will always be someone you can’t please.

          1. Yeah that is a fair point but that doesn’t bother me honestly. it bothers some people honestly and some people don’t like being insulted with racist people.

            I did see what you mean. No matter how civil people can be, some racist people can do whatever they please to insult them with racist language.

            1. Well I meant more like, no matter how civil you try to be there will always be someone who takes your behavior as offensive and will report it. It’s not always an issue with racism, the guy in the initial post didn’t even have to speak for someone to report him.

  2. What safety? The safety of children engaging with potentially dangerous adults? Or the “safety” of a microscopic amount of perpetually offended crybullies from being beaten in an online game?

  3. Great. Now if you misgender some dude, you’ll get banned probably.
    In any case, I hope these tools get abused to heaven and hell by the users. But the better parental controls will hopefully be useful.

    1. Dude that was not necessary. Attack Xbox’s weak games, and Sony movies posing as games. Don’t show lost weakness. This website is about great gamers and games.


  4. With how easy it is for things to be taken out of context and people constantly shifting the pendulum on what is considered offensive, they should just ban ways for you to communicate and allow you to dispute it if you don’t believe you were in the wrong. Those people still bought their games in a fair manner and should still be allowed to play them.

  5. This could be a bit easy for some people but not everyone. I mean, Nintendo and other gaming companies trying to keep there online services in a safe distance by taken one for the team.

    Some people in online mode have been racist in online games such as Fortnite with users acting racist in voice chat and users with racist usernames. I’m not saying they should stop playing online games of one of there favorite games, but I’m saying that they should stop risking there accounts in online games for being a bit racist towards other people.

    So yeah I think Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are doing this to get something done and make it safe for people one day.

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