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The next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament is star-related and it starts 1st January

The Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Twitter account has announced details on what the next tournament will be and it’s coming to the all-star fighter for Nintendo Switch in just a few days. To kick things off in 2021, on the 1st of January, the “Star tournament that sparkles the galaxy” tournament – which has been translated straight from Japanese to English – focusses on all things star-related. In the tournament that lasts three days, only star items such as the Star Rod and Super Launch Star will be made available in your battles.

On Christmas day, the ‘Dark Reunion’ tournament took place and you can read more about what that one entailed just over here.



  1. Okay, I can understand the reasoning and symbolism behind a lot of characters seemingly included in this tournament:

    Peach: Power Stars
    Olimar: space explorer
    Kirby: literally called a Star Warrior and rides the Warp Star
    Inkling: starfish
    Byleth: the song God-Shattering Star from FE Three Houses
    Terry: he has a giant star on the back of his jacket

    But I have NO idea why Isabelle is in here (not that I would agree to her presence in any Smash tournament).

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