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Superdata: Among Us for the Nintendo Switch sold 3.2 million copies in December

SuperData is reporting that the recently released Among Us for the Nintendo Switch has shifted 3.2 million copies on the Nintendo Switch. The data company says that this particular edition was the highest-earning version of the game for the month of December. Among Us is available right now via the Switch eShop.

“Among Us player numbers fell from their November peak, but the game was still 2.8 times as popular as the next most-popular game, Roblox. The title also launched on Nintendo Switch in December. This edition sold 3.2M copies and was the highest-earning version of the game for the month.”


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  1. Just piggy backs off of people saying Fall Guys making a deal to be PS exclusive may come back to bite them. These type of games want to maximize the sales on every platform while they are still popular. It would really suck if FG comes to late when people stop caring about it. Of course that’s only if it can’t hold onto it’s popularity for that long.

    1. Hasn’t it already passed its prime?
      Never even heard about the game before it got insanely popular, and after a week or two, haven’t really seen anyone mention the game until now.

    1. I agree with you. But I will admit it’s a good game for quarantine, and even people who are typically uninterested in video games seem to have fun with it.

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