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Japan: take a look at this Super Nintendo World-themed train

Japan gets all the cool stuff, that’s a given and it’s a fact that many of us outside of Japan just accept. Universal Studios in Japan now has a pretty cool addition called Super Nintendo World and it’s the stuff of dreams. The gates are firmly shut for Super Nintendo World though, and it’s due to the pandemic and the subsequent state of emergency announcement in Japan. Things have however still gone ahead for a lovely themed train on the JR Yumesaki train line in Osaka to celebrate the theme park which will eventually take people directly to the park.

Of course, the wrapping includes the likes of Mario and Luigi and it is certainly very colourful from all angles. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has gone all-out on donning a train with game-themed graphics though; the Pikachu train (that we wrote about back in 2017) is testament to this. Sadly the inside of the Super Nintendo Land train is just a normal boring Japanese train with no Nintendo amendments, but at least the outside of it looks awesome. Here’s a different angle:

We’ll be sure to let you know when a new date for the Super Nintendo World grand opening is announced.


3 thoughts on “Japan: take a look at this Super Nintendo World-themed train”

  1. I was scheduled to go to Japan last year (and this year to visit Super Nintendo World) so this was painful to write. It looks amazing <3 can't wait to visit and share with you my experience! When it's safe to do so, of course.

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