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UNO receives new DLC inspired by Immortals Fenyx Rising

As well as a demo that launched on the eShop today, Ubisoft has also announced that UNO, the addictive card game which is available right now on Nintendo Switch and other platforms, has received some interesting new DLC. The downloadable content sees inspiration drawn from Immortals Fenyx Rising with a Fenyx-themed board inspired by the Golden Isle, new music and a bunch of cards themed around enemies, characters and gods that make an appearance in the colourful open world game. Here’s some info about what to expect from the official Ubisoft website:

Games of Fenyx Quest begin with a special twist: players will be able to free one of four gods from Typhon’s curse, granting them a passive blessing. Free Hephaistos, and you’ll be able to discard all cards of a specific color for every three cards played. Athena lets you discard a random card after an opponent draws, and Ares discards two random cards when a card of the same color is played. And Aphrodite makes you immune to all damage dealt by Typhon.

And here’s a trailer:


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