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A Minecraft player is recreating the Super Nintendo World theme park

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Japan may not be opening for a while due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped Minecraft player Dippy22 from creating the theme park in Mojang’s popular sandbox game. It’s around 45% complete and Dippy22 is asking fellow players and creators for help to finish the virtual Super Nintendo World. Currently, screenshots show a few notable attractions like Yoshi’s Adventure, the Cafe and the 1up Factory and if you’re interested in helping with the project, you can head over to the creator’s Discord here.

Earlier this month, the official Super Nintendo World website was updated with a virtual tour. You can check out all the details about that over here.

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    1. Proving once again that Nintendo (stuck in the old days) would rather us have NOTHING (if a pandemic gets in the way) than alternative means.

      Someone I wonder if Nintendo is all that against social distancing. The “law” says we can’t have big events (such as tournaments), but Nintendo won’t let us play digital version of the Melee online.

      Why don’t Nintendo flat out tell us what they’re REALLY saying.


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