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Ubisoft says they are reaping benefits of Nintendo Switch’s huge success, and Immortals: Fenyx Rising performing well on Switch

Ubisoft chief financial officer Frederick Duguet reiterated in its quarterly financial report that they are the biggest third party publisher on the Nintendo Switch system. Mr. Duguet said that the company has been reaping the benefits of the platform and also went on to note that the engrossing Immortals: Fenyx Rising has been a success on Nintendo’s current video game system. Here’s what was said during the quarterly financial report:

“We’re also reaping the benefits of the Switch’s huge success and our position as leading third-party publisher on the platform thanks to, among others, our Just Dance games and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. The depth and breadth of our catalog, which goes beyond the brands mentioned, provides us with ever-greater visibility and continues to be a strong driver of profitability.”

Ubisoft said that Immortals: Fenyx Rising is also performing well on Switch. That game, along with other Ubisoft hits on Switch and other platforms, contributed to Ubisoft having its best month ever in December.




      1. Nope, I don’t think it’s harsh. UNO- also developed by Ubisoft- just got a Fenyx Rising deck that adds new game mechanics, but they are selling it on every digital storefront EXCEPT Steam. And guess which storefront I got it through?

        Meaning that if I want it (which I do), I need to buy the game AGAIN through one of those other channels, and it’s a separate DLC or part of the Ultimate Edition, which I would ALSO need to buy to get it.

        So yeah, they deserve to be called scummy for stuff like that.

  1. Played the demo. This game is pretty mediocre, it’s gameplay is just copying breath of the wild and assassins creed odyssey but with terrible graphics. To each their own though, I’m not going to persecute someone for playing it.

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