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Pyra and Mythra announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, coming in March

Nintendo has announced that the next downloadable content characters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate are Pyra and Mythra from the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles 2 from Monolith Soft. The characters from the lengthy JRPG will be arriving on the Switch exclusive next month. So we now have fighters from the ARMS franchise and Xenoblade series.

22 thoughts on “Pyra and Mythra announced for Super Smash Bros Ultimate, coming in March”

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  2. So, these two function as a stance fighter, being able to swap between them much like Zelda and Sheik in Melee and Brawl before they became two separate characters. Nice. Not who I was expecting at all, but nice.

  3. I’m happy with this. The “too many sword users” group are probably not too happy, though. Same for a certain group of crazy people on ResetEra & Twitter. *shrug* Oh well. You can’t please everyone.

  4. If Big the cat, Omochao, Classic sonic, Pokemon characters Tierno, Hau, Hop, Allister, Gordie, or Avery ever become dlc for smash, I will not buy them. These Xenoblade characters will be worth the money. I won’t buy Tingle from Zelda either.

  5. Why are they still adding characters to this game? It’s so yesterday’s news to me. In fact, it became yesterday’s news to me shortly after I bought it. The whole time I watched the video, I was wondering “who the heck is this Fire Emblem-looking girl”? The when she started talking to Shulk, I was like “oh….THAT game”. (- _ -)

    1. “Hurr, why support a game millions of people are still playing?
      oh gosh its anime, my preconceived notions of anime have ruined a large portion of the online community for me.
      why oh why did I ever play a Japanese produced game”
      Do you guys realize how stupid you sound?

  6. I dont even care if its a sword character this time around. Im just glad it isn’t fire emblem or square enix. And this character actually looks good. No offense min-min

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