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Ryu and Chun-Li now available to purchase in Fortnite

Starting from yesterday, Street Fighter favourites Ryu and Chun-Li are available to purchase from the Item Store in battle royal title Fortnite. The free-to-play popular game is seeing a ton of collaborations recently and Nintendo also released a special edition console not too long ago. The Capcom and Epic Games crossover is surely going to go down well with fans of either franchise as there’s an alternative outfit for each which the official webpage explains. Each fighter comes with a new emote too:

Master of the Dragon Punch (a.k.a. “SHORYUKEN!”) and hailing from Japan, Ryu is ready to fight. Select between his traditional white gi, black belt, and red headband or Battle variant. Always ready for action, the Ryu Outift comes equipped with the Training Bag Back Bling and the built-in Shoryuken! Emote.

Alongside Ryu, the self-proclaimed “strongest woman in the world”, Chun-Li, is ready for the competition to kneel before her. Players are sure to get (many, many) kicks out of the Chun-Li Outfit and Nostalgia Variant. As a tribute to one of gaming’s greatest arcade games, she comes equipped with the Super Cab-Masher Back Bling and built-in Lightning Kick! Emote. Complete her look with the Seven Star Flashing Flail Pickaxe (sold separately).

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