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US: Mario 35th sale at Best Buy & GameStop

North American retail chains Best Buy and GameStop are holding a special Mario 35th anniversary sale for select Mario titles on the Nintendo Switch system. Games included in the sale are Super Mario Maker 2 and Luigi’s Mansion 3 which are 35% off at the moment. Be sure to check the respective websites to see whether they are in stock as the titles are sure to be in high demand!

10 thoughts on “US: Mario 35th sale at Best Buy & GameStop”

  1. Is this as low as these are going to go? I really want Luigi’s Mansion, I want to get Mario Maker 2 at some point and kinda want Mario Aces. Might have to stop by the local best buy cause I don’t remember these titles being sold for $40.

    I wish Super Mario Party was a no brainer but reviews were so-so.

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    1. Aside from luigi mansion all three of these games have been on sale more than two times, and thats coming from the noa region, noe constantly has had sale with aaa nintendo titles, I know that cause I always check the switch section

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