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Super Bomberman R Online coming to Nintendo Switch as free-to-play and features cross-play

Former Google Stadia exclusive Super Bomberman R Online will be heading to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The news was shared on Twitter by Konami UK who were excited to share the news that the 64-player free-to-play battle royale game is coming to other platforms. The company also announced that Super Bomberman R Online will feature full cross-play.

“Building on the success of its initial launch on Stadia in September 2020, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE is making its way to new platforms! This digital download exclusive game will be available in 2021 on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and Steam®. The game will also be playable on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X/S.With cross-platform play support, you can play against players from all over the world, regardless of the gaming platform you play on!”


11 thoughts on “Super Bomberman R Online coming to Nintendo Switch as free-to-play and features cross-play”

  1. Even though this is a F2P game, this sounds suprisingly decent for a Konami-project. Super Bomberman R was actually a great game. Not going to play this though lol. Can’t stand battle royale and MTX.

    1. Your loss. Bomberman is one of the few series that absolutely works with the battle royale format. Even earlier versions of the series would work with the formula, and they’re all great fun too. Honestly I still think you should try it even if just for a little bit when it releases. It’s free, and it’s great. If you don’t enjoy it, easy uninstall

      1. Got a lot of backlog from before, so I don’t think I’ll make time for this. I don’t have that much time to play anyway these days, but thanks for the recommendation. I’ll keep it in mind if my friends start playing this :)

        1. Oof, backlog. Yeah I get that. And yeah sometimes playing a game with friends is the way to go for these games. Out of curiosity, which game is next on your backlog?

          1. Yakuza 6. Keep falling back to Smash when I have some time to spare, but I need to get through a couple of Ratchet & Clanks. What do you play other than Bombermam?

            1. Smash is so easy to fall back to, so I feel that. It became easier for me to put it down more often since I recently I succeeded in getting every character into Elite Smash (can’t fully recommend lol). As for lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Spelunky 2, and I just beat Bowser’s Fury. I’m actually thinking of starting Final Fantasy X tonight, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time to do that. We’ll see. I’ve seen some good things about the Yakuza series, so I hope you enjoy 6. Maybe one day I’ll get to that series

              1. Final Fantasy X is such a beautiful game! It’s soooo good! I bet you will enjoy it even if it’s a bit dated. Story is great! I started Yakuzu series last year. The Kiwami games are really good, the remasters… okey I guess

  2. Remember when Google try to pass the BS that this game could only run on Stadia =b It be some Rayman Legends talk.

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