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The recent Switch firmware update has enabled the Switch dock’s firmware to be updated

You may recall that, yesterday, Nintendo released an update for the Switch firmware. Although the update brought the console’s firmware to version 12.0.0, the official patch notes had been unusually small for such a change to the version number.

Well, now we know why, because it had been snuck into the update’s code. It has been discovered by data-miners that the update has added the ability for the Switch dock’s firmware to be updated. People have been giving multiple theories on why Nintendo did this, and especially in complete silence. If there’s any further developments on this, we’ll let you know.

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  1. I didn’t realize the dock had anything in it. I thought the Switch just switched to a “dock mode” when set on it. Is that right?

  2. The dock is basically USB hub. But even those do have firmware.
    They are usually simple enough not to need updates.
    If they used Thunderbolt 3 in future revisions, they could make the dock to be external GPU. Not sure if current Switch USB-C would have enough bandwidth.
    I have eGPU for my laptop, basically USB hub on steroids, it has received few updates on its lifetime.

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