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New blue Nintendo Switch Lite launches on 7th May in the UK and 21st May in the US

Nintendo has revealed today that a blue Nintendo Switch Lite will be made available to purchase from the 7th of May this year. The news broke on Twitter just a little while ago with Nintendo of America sharing some gorgeous photos of the new colour variant and fans are seemingly very happy. From the 7th of May, there will be five colours available to choose from if you’re thinking about going for a Nintendo Switch Lite. For those in the US, the blue Switch Lite launches a little later on the 21st May.

The Switch Lite is a fantastic console for folk who prefer handheld gameplay and this particular colour releases on the same date as adventure title Miitopia!


  1. Nintendo: “There might be a shortage of Switch consoles they year guys, hang thight”

    Also Nintendo: “New Switch Lite color makes our chipset sellers go brrrrrrrrr”

    1. The full article says they have plenty for the majority of the year. They are only uncertain about the end of the year

    1. I made a quick mock-up. Someone tell me how to make images load automatically instead of just showing a link.

  2. Shoot that is a cool color, not cool enough to buy while pro rumors float about.

    If it was a Glacier (GBA) switch lite I’d have to buy that one, drift and all.

  3. Neat color. The more editions and colors we get the less likely a Switch Pro is coming sigh

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