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The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles coming to the Nintendo Switch in the west on 27th July

Capcom has confirmed this afternoon that the company will be bringing The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to the west in July on the Nintendo Switch. You will be able to get your hands on the game on the 27th July. The Great Attorney Chronicles package contains both The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, both of which were previously only released in Japan. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles also has bonus content, including a gallery to view artwork, modify the characters outfits with alternate costumes, and play the eight bonus Escapade cases. Check out the newly released trailer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles below!


    1. This isn’t just a port, this is also the first time these games are officially coming to the West at all. It’s like saying when the western release of Mother 3 finally comes “Yay another port -_-“. I mean you could say that, it would just be silly.

      1. It’s just me but I’d rather have them release Mother 3 as a brand new game matching current gen standards

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