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Netflix releases new trailer for final season of Castlevania which debuts next month

The next and final season of the acclaimed Castlevania anime series is set to arrive on the 13th of May, meaning that fans won’t have much time to wait until they can watch the conclusion of the action-packed animated series. Netflix has released a fresh new trailer to whet fans appetites and it looks as though the final season of Castlevania should live up to expectations.

5 thoughts on “Netflix releases new trailer for final season of Castlevania which debuts next month”

    1. Offense to who?, and yes I agree. I honestly consider Season 1 and 2 and entire Season, since combined they’re 10 eps, and completes a story arc. Perhaps it has to do with the allotted amount of episodes ordered or allowed by Netflix. Look at the Net Flix Marvel shows for example, every show from Season 1 of Daredevil to Jessica Jones Season 3 had 13 eps per season, except for The Defenders which had 8 eps. I’m guessing the studio who made these shows banked on the individual shows having 13eps, instead of possibly losing eps on a team up show that might not have realized it’s potential (which is what happened because of the lack of eps in my opinion). Hopefully the studio behind Castlevania will be allowed more eps in total for their next venture.

  1. I’m a few eps into season 3 and am enjoying it so far. Glad they have an ending in mind and won’t have to end abruptly by cancellation or whatever.

    Serialized tv does not need to have more than 4 seasons. If you need more than 4 seasons to tell a story, then what are we doing. Sometimes it works though, looking forward to Better Call Saul final season; #6. East Bound & Down, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Deadwood, the Good Place, great shows that wrapped it up in 4 or less.

  2. Wow this looks dope!!!, can’t wait to watch it :-). I’m guessing the series has been a success up until now, so I’m vampirically compelled,…ok not really, to ask, why is this the final season?, is it because of the rumored plans for Devil May Cry?

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