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UK: Pokemon Snap physical launch sales are more than 4 times what the original game managed in September 2000

While the UK physical video games software charts have yet to be published online, Games Industry journalist, Christopher Dring, has confirmed that New Pokemon Snap has comfortably secured the No.1 spot in the top ten this week. New Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo Switch beat the newly released PlayStation 5 title Returnal from Housemarque games and Mr. Dring says that physical sales are four times that of the original Pokemon Snap on the Nintendo 64 back in 2000 Once the UK physical video game software charts have been released, we will be sure to publish them!


  1. I would have loved to pick snap up if it wasn’t an on rails type of thing. I mean I understand why they did it but I’m just not a fan of on rails games.

    Good for the fans though. I’ll probably try it out if a price drop ever happens.

  2. I want legit leaks for the pearl remake and Arceus. Adrive and Poketips Mike should get their youtube accounts deleted for their fake news and clickbait.

    1. Well first I don’t think leaks are a good thing because then it creates distrust between TPCi and their workers. And also the people who work hard to keep things a secret may feel disappointed that players don’t get the full effect of a surprise announcement.

      But second yeah I am not a fan of YouTube channels that use fake information for views. I think getting their accounts deleted is stretching it, but it is important to hold people accountable

  3. Huh. It’s almost like games sell better on consoles with a bigger install base. (N64 = 32 million units VS Switch = nearly 80 million and counting).

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