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Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch this October

6 years ago, Dying Light released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Since then, the game received a ton of updates, including a major expansion and a bunch of DLC. A sequel to the game, Dying Light 2 Stay Human, is supposed to release this December. But, for the first time, a Dying Light game is coming to a Nintendo console.

It has been announced that Dying Light: Platinum Edition is coming to the Nintendo Switch this October. It’ll be released physically and digitally for $49.99, and include all of the post-launch content, including the major expansion, Dying Light: The Following. Also included are HD Rumble, gyro aiming, motion controls, touchscreen, and local/online co-op. A picture released by the team behind the game, Techland, can be seen down below.

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  1. … that’s a game i wasn’t expecting to come to Switch. I might actually buy it, sure it will run about as well as Doom 2016 on Switch but it runs.

  2. Wtf haha i did not expect this like ever. Its a huge game so id be curious how much is gonna be sacrificed to run well on the switch.

  3. Have this on steam, stopped playing it due to all the issues the game had, some may have been because of my PC at that time. But might get it on Switch, as it felt like a decent game.

    1. This game is way better than decent. If you want:
      Survival game
      Killing zombies
      DLC galore (ex. Maps, modes, skins, etc)
      Hands down one of the best games ever.

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