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Next stop on Mario Kart Tour isn’t a new location, but it’s the new Mario vs. Peach Tour

Mario Kart Tour is trying something vaguely new and it is splitting racing teams into two camps. You’ll either choose to race as Team Mario or Team Peach and select racers from either team. Your objective for the Mario vs. Peach Tour is to collect as many Team Tokens as you possibly can. No matter what the outcome is players will be able to get Limited Badge Coins and Rubies. Check out the new videos below to see how it will work!


  1. I think Boswer and I would make a great team, with my powers hurtful and ever so mean.

    But because of these damn copyrights , I’ll never get on the Switch with might.

    I need a way to get to Switch, because I’m tired of being in a Microsoft box and a forgotten witch.

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