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Animal Crossing: New Horizons updated to Version 1.11.1

Nintendo has uploaded a new update for the extremely popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch system. The latest update brings the software version to 1.11.1. The update mainly consists of bug fixes, rather than additional new content. While the English patch notes have yet to be published, here’s a rough translation of them from the Japanese site. We will update with the full patch notes once they are published!

Ver. 1.11.1 [2021.8.10]

Bug fixes

The following bugs that occurred in Ver. 1.11.0 have been fixed.

  • Fixed a bug that the order was not correct when rearranging in “Obtained order” in the “DIY recipe” app.
  • Fixed a bug where the color variations of certain items were not displayed in the catalog at the shooting studio of “Panny Island”.
  • Fixed a bug that the closing BGM of “Tanuki Shoten” did not flow.
  • Fixed a bug where clouds did not appear in some seasons.



  1. Just curious, have they made it so that you can make multiple DIY items in bulk if you have the crafting materials instead of only one at a time? I haven’t played since February.

    1. No idea (I haven’t played since like June of last year), but I haven’t heard about any kind of QoL change like that from the news YouTubers I watch

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