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Fortnite’s new Impostors mode is live

Epic Games has announced a new mode in the popular third person shooter Fortnite and it is going to feel familiar for fans of another popular multiplayer game, Among Us. Fortnite Imposters sees players split with some maintaining The Bridge and two Imposters are out to overthrow them. As the Fortnite blog says, the fate of The Bridge is in your hands. Here’s the details along with a stylish CGI trailer, plus Twitch streams of the action.

Work together to root out anyone masquerading as a fellow Agent, but trust nobody completely — anyone could be an Impostor. If you find a fellow Agent’s eliminated fragment, report it! Everyone will be teleported to The Bridge where you can inform Agents who you suspect might have betrayed the IO and vote them out.

Epic Games

The Impostors’ goal is simple — eliminate enough Agents to take control of The Bridge before being discovered. You’ll have plenty of tools up your sleeve to sow chaos along the way. 

  • Disable Assignments – Temporarily freeze progress on all Assignments, buying you precious time.
  • Teleport Players – Relocate all Agents and Impostors to somewhere else on The Bridge, covering your tracks.
  • Peely Party – For a short time, all Agents and Impostors look like Peely so you can blend in with the crowd!


5 thoughts on “Fortnite’s new Impostors mode is live”

  1. This feels wrong… why they gotta do Among Us dirty like that? Leeching of their popularity like that feels like such a low blow, wow!

    But that’s just my opinion of how I feel about this, don’t get me wrong.

  2. Sergio Abraham Perez Cervantes

    Wow… They’re not even trying at this point… I knew they were desperate with all the skins they put in the last months but damn… Among Us did it better guys

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