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Gameplay footage of Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been released

You may recall that, during Gamescom this year, Marvel’s Midnight Suns had been announced for a March 2022 release on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Well, some more footage of the game has been released, officially revealing the gameplay that you’ll be able to experience.

Marvel’s Midnight Sunds is a tactical role-playing game, but it will not have microtransactions or loot boxes. Each game match starts with an attack on the Sanctum. You’ll have 3 team mates, and each battle will average around 10 to 15 minutes. There are mission types that include “Protection”, “Rescue Targets”, and “Capture VIP”. You play as “The Hunter”, a customizable superhero that, created specifically for this game, has light and dark powers, the former of which include support and health abilities.

As for the cards, there are multiple types, including Basic, Attack and Support, that are included in a deck. At the start of the battle, the deck gets shuffled, and you can change up your deck before each fight. Every hero has their own set of cards, and players will be able to play 3 cards each round. If you kill an enemy with a certain card, that card can enable you to get more cards.

There are even some powerful cards, called “Heroics cards”, that use their own currency resource known as “Heroism”. These can inflict lots of damage and offer bonus effects. For example, Doctor Strange can deal lots of damage to a single enemy and apply a debuff, and Iron Man can get an area-of-effect for everyone on the screen that does a small amount of damage. The game even lets you deal damage by using the environment to your advantage.

As for the heroes, there are a lot, but the footage from IGN showed off some of them. Blade has a damage-per-second card set containing bleed and life-leech cards. Ghost Rider’s card set is a wild card, where attacks can potentially damage himself and his teammates. Captain America has a card set that is damage-per-second and tank. A support card deck, meanwhile, belongs to Doctor Strange.

When you’re not battling, then you’ll probably be spending time at The Abbey, located inside a pocket dimension. This is your headquarters, and the game’s hub. You can talk to Tony here, who will make new weapons for you. These unlock new cards. If you train with Blade, you can upgrade cards. Of course, you may end up with duplicates sometimes. If so, you can mix duplicates to make an upgraded version.

There is also interactions with characters. You can do that by going to the hub and talking to them. As the character’s friendship with you builds, you will also unlock passive abilities and combos. Eventually, you can max out the character’s friendship with you, and this will allow you to build that character’s midnight suit. Doing so unlocks the hero’s legendary ability, called “The Midnight Sun”. Every hero has one. The gameplay footage can be seen down below


3 thoughts on “Gameplay footage of Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been released”

  1. After watching a YT video of how XCom2 got patched since its release, I bought it and it quickly became one of my most beloved Switch games. I don’t really care too much about how it looks on more powerful systems. It looks pretty awesome for a Switch game and can maintain a performance good enough for a roundbased game.
    I’m saying this because the Switch version of Midnight Suns might look waaaay worse than the footage shown here, but they might have learned a thing or two about the Switch’s hardware when porting XCom2 and I believe it might be at least a working game unlike games like Outer Worlds that are just broken.

    Too bad I couldn’t care less about Marvel stuff, but if I’d buy any game from them, this might be the one to get.
    But until I have to think about that decision, I can continue playing XCom2.

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