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UK: The National Videogame Museum opens digital Animal Crossing: New Horizons exhibition

The National Videogame Museum based in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, which celebrates video games and preserving video game culture, has announced that it has opened up a special digital Animal Crossing: New Horizons exhibition. The game was one of the biggest video game releases last year during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, so it seems only right that it should have a space digitally at the museum. The Animal Crossing Diaries exhibition basically acts a special time capsule which documents fan experiences with the charming game in the mist of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibit hosts many fan-written letters which detail how impactful the latest Animal Crossing game has been in their lives during the last 18 months.

The Animal Crossing Diaries displays fans’ letters in one of five categories: 

  • Keeping a Routine – which details how the game helped fans to keep a routine during lockdown 
  • Making Your Space – which features entries on creating a virtual space in the game for players to escape to 
  • Representing Yourself – which shows how players used the game to express their identity 
  • Sharing Creativity – which showcases how the game allowed its players to unleash their creativity in new and unique ways 
  • Staying in Touch – which features stories of people connecting via Animal Crossing: New Horizons when they weren’t able to in person due to the pandemic  

You can submit your own letters here to be shown in the digital exhibition at the the National Videogame Museum exhibition.


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