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UK: Pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus on My Nintendo Store get SteelBook and Arceus figurine

Nintendo UK has announced this afternoon that if you decide to pre-order Pokemon Legends: Arceus from the My Nintendo Store you are eligible to receive a special Pokemon Legends: Arceus-themed steelbook along with a special Arceus Pokemon figure. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is priced at £49.99 on the My Nintendo Store and is due to be released on 28th January 2022 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Those who pre-order on My Nintendo Store will receive a free SteelBook® and Arceus figurine! Free gift items are limited and are strictly subject to availability. Already pre-ordered? Your order will automatically be upgraded to include free items!

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  1. I want this game to wash the horrible taste of sheep boy, mask boy and stupid hat guy out of my mouth. The Arceus probably won’t be catchable but I’m still reminded of this great bleach song every time I see the trailer from feb 26:

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