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Nintendo says that there are “no plans” for a Switch price drop in the United States


You may recall that, last week, there were rumors of Nintendo doing a price drop on the Nintendo Switch in Europe. Since then, the rumors had been confirmed true and Nintendo announced that they would, in fact, give the Switch a price cut in Europe. It was inevitable, but there have now been questions about the price of the console in North America.

Well, that has been addressed. In North America, it depends on where you are. Canada did receive a price drop, but according to what Nintendo told Stephen Totilo, co-author of Axios Gaming’s newsletter, there are no plans for the United States to receive a price drop. You can see Totilo’s tweet about the matter down below.


  1. Understandable, in Europe the normal price was 329 euro. In the US about 299 if i am correct.
    The dollar is lower than the euro, so basically, in Europe we pay a whole lot more than in the US.

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