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Ghost ‘N Goblins collaboration coming to Monster Hunter Rise on 29th October, Sonic the Hedgehog collab set for November

During the TGS 2021 Monster Hunter Spotlight that aired earlier today, Capcom announced the next two collaborations set to be coming to Monster Hunter Rise. First up is Ghost’N’ Goblins Resurrection, with unlockable armor via a new Event Quest designed to make your character look like the game’s main protagonist, Arthur. The update will be available starting on October 29th, and you can check out some screenshots and gameplay footage of the costume in action here.

Sonic the Hedgehog likely isn’t the first franchise you’d think of when considering possible collaborations for the Monster Hunter series, but Capcom and SEGA have officially partnered to celebrate the blue blur’s 30th anniversary. The new dedicated Event Quest for this unexpected crossover will arrive sometime in November, with details planned to be shared in the future.

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