Nintendo’s Doug Bowser says via internal email that the Activision-Blizzard reports “run counter to my values & Nintendo’s beliefs, values & policies”

By now, you’re very likely aware of what has been going on with Activision-Blizzard. Lots of accounts and reports of discrimination, abuse and harassment have been occurring for months now. Last week, it was reported that Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick had been involved with or had been aware of various cases of harassment and discrimination within the company.

Since then, both Microsoft and Sony have notified their respective employers about the matter, and their emails both leaked to the public. Earlier today, the same has happened to Nintendo. Internal emails from Nintendo of America’s Doug Bowser have been leaked to FanByte via “a verified source”.

In a November 19th email, Doug Bowser says that “along with all of you, I’ve been following the latest developments with Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity at the company. I find these accounts distressing and disturbing, They run counter to my values as well as Nintendo’s beliefs, values and policies”.

Doug Bowser continues by explaining that “Nintendo is committed to having an open and inclusive workplace where all are welcome”, and that “the company holds itself to this standard and expects the same from the industry and their partners”. He states that Nintendo representatives have been “in contact with Activision, have taken action and are assessing others”.

What may be the most interesting bit in the email concerns the ESA. Nintendo and Activision-Blizzard are both members. According to Doug Bowser, Nintendo has been working with the ESA as of at least last week to “strengthen stances on harassment and abuse in the workplace” and he feels that “the ESA must hold its members to the highest standard”. Lastly, Doug Bowser says that “every company in the industry must create an environment where everyone is respected and treated as equals, and where all understand the consequences of not doing so”.



  1. Well said. Some people needs to realize that everyone is welcome in any industry doesn’t matter what race you are. Besides harassing people or mocking their deaths just like Michael Pachter did to Iwata is unacceptable. Correct me if I’m wrong but Nintendo should have address this from the start. Many companies should have a policy for this type of situation.

  2. Hearing all the horrible stuff going on at Actvision-Blizzard (not just this but everything else over the last couple years) makes me sad that the Crash and Spyro IPs are stuck under this company.

  3. I wish Bobby Kotick would suffer some kind of consequence for doing such a poor job of running the company.
    All that really needs to happen is him being replaced with someone better. That’d be enough.
    But I’m not very confident in that happening.
    Guess we’ll see where this goes.

  4. @sonicgalaxy

    “Correct me if I’m wrong but Nintendo should have address this from the start.”

    That doesn’t strike me as particularly fair. The story really has nothing to do with them. I don’t think they even have office space in the same state.


    “makes me sad that the Crash and Spyro IPs are stuck under this company.”

    Not to mention Blizzard and its wealth of IP’s.


    “I wish Bobby Kotick would suffer some kind of consequence for doing such a poor job of running the company.”

    I expect he will. Investors tend not to like personal misbehavior of their executives to be the primary face of the company, and the investors are the ones who decide if he gets to have a job. Although I will defend Kotick in this one sense, but lets not confuse it for me thinking he’s a decent person. About a week ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece about “Bobby Kotick knew about the allegations the whole time!” and the allegedly damning story was that he was aware of the allegations and did nothing but tell HR and their legal department……..

    Which is precisely what a CEO is supposed to do? He can’t go around firing employees over unverified allegations even if he believes them to be true. These are California employment laws we’re dealing with here. He just goes around firing people, they’re going to get sued into the stone age. That’s what the HR and legal departments are for.

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