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Microsoft has partially published the 1999 letter from their attempt to buy Nintendo

Microsoft’s recently published a special 20th anniversary memorial site and one of the items shown is the letter Microsoft sent when it tried to acquire the Kyoto-based company before the release of the original Xbox in 1999. The team at Microsoft obviously wanted Nintendo as a first party studio to bolster their first console with big games such as Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda etc. The letter was sent from Microsoft’s Vice President of Hardware, Rick Thompson, to Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Business Affairs, Jacqualee Story.



  1. Nintendo was stupid to give up their ownership of Rare when it was 55% of N64 games and Banjo-Threeie was cancelled for the Gamecube. That swas stupid. Had they kept Rare we would had been on Starfox Adventure 3 or Banjo-Fourie or Fivie or even Sixie. Nintendo is part stupid though. Giving up Rare easily without a fight.

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