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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp receives the big 5.0 update

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp keeps chugging along and making money for Nintendo and today marks the day when the smartphone game receives another large and substantial update. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has now been updated to Version 5.0 which brings with it more animals and villagers for your campsite, a new smart device widget, plus a new Pocket Planner feature. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now on both iOS and Android and is free-to-play, though it does feature optional subscriptions like Mario Kart Tour. Check out the new overview video for the 5.0 update down below.

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp receives the big 5.0 update”

  1. I get that this is a mobile game but even this is update looks slightly better than what new horizons, I being able to alot more villagers in your campground was something I wanted in the newer games the 10 limit needs to go and should be extended to 20 if ya ask me, it just makes me wish that NH was more interactive with mini games, which is something it terribly lacks.

    1. Why do you want more villagers when they’re basically skins of the same thing? As far as I know they’re a total of 8 personalities

      1. Some of the villagers have slight dialouge changes and new horizons is the only one where they all share the same dialouge unlike the older ones, its just frustrating trying to decide who should leave for whatcha call to move in, you would think the move past the only 10 villager limit.

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