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Japan: Square Enix trademarks Tactics Ogre: Reborn 

logo for N64 game Ogre Battle 64

In a move that will excite strategic RPG fans, it has emerged today that Square Enix has recently trademarked Tactics Ogre: Reborn in Japan. Interestingly enough, a Tactics Ogre Remaster popped up in the widespread data leak of the NVIDIA GeForce NOW service a few months back. Here’s a list of the various Ogre Battle strategy RPG games, which have been released over the years via Gematsu:

  • Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (SNES, PlayStation, Saturn) – March 1993
  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES, Saturn, PlayStation) – October 1995
  • Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber (Nintendo 64) – July 1999
  • Ogre Battle Gaiden: Prince of Zenobia (NEOGEO Pocket Color) – June 2000
  • Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (GBA) – June 2001
  • Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together remake (PSP) – November 2010

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3 thoughts on “Japan: Square Enix trademarks Tactics Ogre: Reborn ”

  1. Interesting, Hang on while i do some research and reread the article. Wouldn’t wanna make a blind post without doing extensive research and post unless im 100% on point. Wouldn’t want anyone analyzing my post or correcting every detail including grammar.

  2. Even if I have to use a play-by-play guide, I’m gonna beat Ogrebattle 64 if I ever get the chance again one day. I do fine til the ogres show up for the first time then I get destroyed.

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