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3 more NES & SNES games are now live for Switch Online members

To say that the Nintendo Switch Online retro libraries have been getting more games would be an understatement. Lately, Nintendo has surprisingly abandoned their slow drip of adding games. In fact, a lot of retro games have been added in just the last couple of months alone.

That trend continues tonight. Nintendo has announced that the NES & SNES Switch Online collections have received a few more games. For the SNES library, Congo’s Caper and Rival Turf are now available. The NES library, meanwhile, received Pinball. The announcement tweet is down below.

15 thoughts on “3 more NES & SNES games are now live for Switch Online members”

    1. I find games all the time I never heard of because they were not released everywhere. Even some of the greats were not issued in certain cities or stores just because they chose to have another game in stock. Nintendo has about 1500 games for just the nes and snes. That catalog alone is big enough to make it where even if it is all you ever played you probably still wouldn’t play some games or even hear of them.
      So really stop complaining and be glad you get classics that you never knew about to try and enjoy.

  1. I believe I first heard about Congo’s Caper from the YouTuber JonTron several years back and how it’s a spiritual successor of sorts to the Joe & Mac games, which are now also on the service. I may have to check that one out.

  2. I was hoping they put up Paperboy or Popeye or Burger World of Battle Toads in there or even Contra they they are taking way too long to put those in there

    1. It’s copyright tissues. Also contra will never be in there and neither will battletoads. Contra is already out for Konami and battletoads is a Rare game which is owned by Microsoft so don’t plan on it.

  3. Congo’s Caper was one of those games I rented from a family rental shop back when I was like, 6. I spent years trying to find out the name of this game or even if I had hallucinated it.

    I didn’t.

    Anyway, it was great and I think I’m the only person that was legitimately thrilled to see this pop up.

    1. This happens a lot around here during Switch online announcements. People haven’t heard of a game, and so blindly assume its trash, and then get mad at Nintendo for giving them trash. I’m not familiar with this one, but I do remember being dumbfounded at everyone on the board dumping on Nintendo for giving them Fire and Ice, a rare, expensive (like $500), and beloved NES game.

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