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Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023

Universal Studios Hollywood has announced on Twitter that the early anticipated Super Nintendo World is currently scheduled to be opened in California next year. It is not exactly clear when it will be opened in 2023 but it’s bound to be an incredibly popular attraction with gamers and families. Super Nintendo World opened at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka in March 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic and looked super-fun judging from the photos which were plastered all over social media platforms. Hopefully we will get an exact date opening date for North America towards the end of the year.

13 thoughts on “Super Nintendo World coming to Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023”

  1. California is so far I’m a bit more closer to Orlando even If I do plan to go that far it would most likely be an advance trip with friends, I think I’ll wait for the Orlando one.

  2. Eh, moved to Alaska a little over a year ago and its hard to find reasons to leave. There’s both all the vacation-y things you could want here already, and there’s an extra flight you have to take before you go anywhere else, unless your final destination is Seattle.

      1. My wife is a speech therapist. There is no way to get the credentials to become a speech therapist in Alaska itself, so they have to headhunt people from outside the state and pay them to relocate.

        I’m a stay at home dad. 4 kids ages 7 and under.

        1. Aye that’s pretty cool, I know she has to be a true mvp, before I actually started grade school when I was little I had speech therapy, (we had stuff built in like that in our school to help with special needs kids) my speech therapist was pretty sweet to me, and she really did help me, majority of peeps don’t even know I have it cause how well she taught me when it came to pronunciation, lol this might be too long to read but what I’m saying is I’m pretty thankful for people like her I know it takes effort and time to help people like us.

          1. Well thank you on her behalf.

            I’m glad things worked out for you. I don’t know about your situation, but one of the sad things that happens sometimes with public school speech therapy, is that in some states, the one we were originally from at least, if a public school therapist tells the parents that a child could benefit from additional therapy at a private clinic, the public school is then legally required to pay for that therapy. So as a result the therapists just…….aren’t allowed to suggest additional support, even if the child needs it. Which yes, is very sad.

            Anywho, thanks for the post. She works very hard.

            1. Oh my gosh that’s pretty sad hearing that, I know others most likely had worse cases than me, I can’t even bear to imagine what happens to people in that situation.

          2. Heh. I also had to see someone in my elementary school about my speech. Use to have something of a stutter, too, but I wasn’t seeing her for that. (My stutter came back for a short time in 2020 when me & my ex-wife first split up. Lasted all of maybe a day or two. Weird but I guess it probably happens to people more than I realize.) I use to mispronounce computer, as an example. “Compooter.” Lol

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