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Nintendo working on Splatoon 3 patch for black screen issue and connection issues

Nintendo has announced on Twitter that the team is currently hard at work working on a forthcoming patch for Splatoon 3 which will fix a few issues players have encountered with the excellent game. Firstly they addressed the black screen issue which appears to happen for some users at the very start of the game just before you get the train into Splatsville. This temporary fix below does seem to solve the issue for the time being, until the patch is out.

1. Start the game without having your Switch connected to the internet (such as enabling airplane mode
2. Choose your character’s appearance, then proceed to Splatsville
3. Connect your Switch to the internet while in Splatsville
4. Enter the Lobby to transfer your save data and choose your Splatfest region

Nintendo also said that there will be other issues addressed in the forthcoming patch such as some of the disconnection errors players have encountered, especially when playing the Salmon Run mode. It is not clear when the update will be released, but clearly the sooner the better.

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8 thoughts on “Nintendo working on Splatoon 3 patch for black screen issue and connection issues”

  1. Huh. Didn’t know this was something that was happening, my experience has been pretty solid so far. Hope things improve quickly for those who have been affected by this issue.

  2. Idk if this is an actual glitch but game doesn’t even allow me to use the shops unless I go into the lobby despite my Internet always being connected it’s so weird cause the previous games didn’t do this.

    1. Are you already Level 4 or above? If not then access to the shops and other areas is denied for you until you reach Level 4 in Turf War battles. This has been like this in the two last games as well.

      1. I’m over level 4 but it just tells me to connect to the lobby so I can have my internet activated to buy stuff despite it already being active and use, I recently just encountered another glitch where everytime I won after the result lil Judd falls I get a server disconnect error, what makes it worse is I don’t level up, and it counts as a defeat also I got two warnings before it tells me I might ban from playing so I just decided to leave the online modes alone till the next patch update.

        (Splatoon 3 online feels awful compared to 2 imo)

  3. I like how you said “with the excellent game”. Myself nowadays couldn’t wait til my work is over so I can go straight back home and play.

  4. At least they are fixing the game asap unlike EA and Activision-Blizzard where they twiddle their peepees around and fixes like a couple of issues but only months after their games are released.

  5. This is sooooo great to hear! I legit got disconnected so many times right as my team was about to win. Followed by the game telling me if I kept disconnecting I’d get banned for a while. Glad to see them take care of the issue so quickly. That’s my only major complaint about the game though. Other than that its the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

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