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NateTheHate boldly claims “F-Zero’s time will come in 2023”

Podcaster and occasional gaming insider, NateTheHate, boldly claimed yesterday that F-Zero’s time will come in 2023. This rumour follows a number of insiders such as Emily Rogers and Liam Robertson who said a few months back that Nintendo is currently looking to remaster a lot of older content which they created for their legacy gaming systems. The F-Zero game mentioned is presumably a remaster of the GameCube title F-Zero GX which originally saw the light of day in 2003 and was a joint project between Amusement Vision and published by Nintendo. As always this is a rumour, so please take it with a grain of salt.

“F-Zero’s time will come in 2023.”

“As for Metroid Prime 1… Retro completed development of the game in late summer of 2021 (for clarity: development finished then — it still had to go through QA, any localization, and such). The game has been finished for some time now. Nintendo just opted to wait to announce and bring it to market, for whatever reason.”


26 thoughts on “NateTheHate boldly claims “F-Zero’s time will come in 2023””

    1. Great. Now I’m gushing about FZero GX. That game was just so great. The gameplay was really epic. Being able to sacrifice your “life” bar for boosting made for an amazing risk/reward system. I’d love to see how it holds up today.

      The story mode was not easy, even on normal mode. There were 9 missions/episodes and you could beat them on normal, hard, and very hard. Clearing hard and very hard unlocked stuff like racers and Fzero parts (you could create your own FZero vehicle but it was pretty simple).

      And what put FZero over the top was just… how terrible and goofy all the cutscenes were. Nothing was limp-synced properly, Captain Falcon sounded like an unenthusiastic Keanu Reeves, and every character had a very short video you could unlock if you beat the GP on the hardest mode. They were usually goofy or downright undecipherable. Captain Falcon’s was him tearing his pants while saving a baby that was stuck on railroad tracks. Yep. And iirc, Black Shadow’s was like a blooper reel from Story cutscenes and he gets tickled by the main bad guy. Yep.

      It’s really something special.

      Honestly, Fast Racing Neo was a decent successor. It felt like it focused more on switching between two “modes” during a race to go faster and wasn’t aggressive like FZero. And, of course, it had zero personality. Gorgeous game (especially for Wii U) but it just lacked style.

  1. Yeah right. Next, you’re gonna tell me Mega Man is going to get a new game in 2023 too. Oh wait, it technically is. Well, I hope the sales for Battle network legacy collection prove to Capcom once and for all that people still care about Battle network. Two decades without Crashman EXE is long enough.

    1. Mega Man 12 has been confirmed in development since 3 years ago, so we might see a new game announcement eventually in 2024 at best, better if this year, or 2025 at it latest.

      1. I don’t believe we know which mega man franchise it is but i place bets on classic or legends. I say legends because legends 3 was a canceled 3ds game, so a lot of the groundwork may still exist

  2. Next you gonna say Mother 3 will be localized in 2023 and I’m gonna inherit Bill Gates money within the next 3yrs.

    1. What does Mario Mart have to do with F-Zero? One is a family kart racing game and the other is a fast-paced, futuristic racing game aimed at older audiences. That’s like saying Mario and Donkey Kong Country can’t co-exist.

        1. You do know they’re NOT looking to bring casuals to F-Zero ever right? You do know Mario Kart exists because of F-Zero, as a younger brother series, right?
          and besides, it’s been memed for years over it’s frozen coffin, so it’s already got the public exposure and marketing it needs there anyways.

  3. Its time is past. They should have done it already. Now it has been copied and all the voids its absence left behind are already filled and it’s all been done already by other games.

    1. I wouldn’t exactly say that “all the voids its absence left behind are already filled.” Sure, you got FAST RMX and Pacer, and Aero GPX is on track for 2024 after a successful Kickstarter (which I happily backed at the second-highest tier), but there will always be room for the series that inspired them all.

    2. All the games that “copied” F-Zero and it’s legendary release, GX, are just off-brand mediocre mimicry of modern WipeOut games that doesn’t really capture the feel and thrill of GX.
      Anyone saying they’re up for competition are basically consider donkeys and probably will start the usual opposition if GX does get some remaster on the Switch (still doubt it).

  4. My guess is Nintendo will announce a new gaming system next year and it will have F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime and probably Tears of the Kingdom on it. Nintendo scrapped the idea of a Switch Pro after the OLED was released and if you think about it, it could be why they are waiting on these titles. Zelda games typically come out at the beginning and end of a console’s life with the latter being a cross-gen release. I’d say having those 3 games (as well as some others- maybe a new DK Country game?) at launch would be pretty nice. The Switch Lite is selling well, so it makes sense that they go after a home console while the Lite picks up the handheld market. I can’t see them continuing the Switch for much longer. If they do, it will be a 100% indie/shovelware gaming system.

  5. Another developer doing last minute decisions again I see after 20 something years. Who’s next Mother 4 or developers who made Mario Baseball?

  6. If every F-Zero fan got a quarter for every rumor about a new or remastered F-Zero game, we’d have enough to fund the development of an actual new one by now. At least, that’s what I’d put all my quarters from those rumors towards.

    I want to believe this, I really do, but…

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