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Pokemon Presents coming 27th February

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Mark your calendars, Trainers! The Pokemon Company International is set to air a special Pokemon Presents on the official Pokemon YouTube channel on 27th February, 2023, at 6am PT / 2pm UK time. Fans can “Celebrate Pokémon Together” with 20 minutes of franchise news in celebration of its 27th year.

17 thoughts on “Pokemon Presents coming 27th February”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, I guess 20 minutes is a very good chunk of time, DLC is guaranteed, and rby , sgc , rse on Nintendo switch online should be guaranteed too as should lgfr hopefully we get all these and more! 😁

  2. Praying for something Mystery Dungeon related here, be it remake or new entry.
    Scarlet and Violet DLC seems like a given.
    And maybe possibly something to do with Detective Pikachu 2? It was announced ages ago yet we’ve heard absolutely nothing about it.

    1. It be nice to have a brand new pokemon spinoff or a sequel of a spin-off, like how pokemon snapp came back, maybe pokemon stadium or something like gales of darkness idk

      1. But they need to apologies again. That game was so unfinished they should feel embarrassed they even tried releasing it in the state it was in. Honestly, they should have offered one of their other Switch games to anyone that pre-ordered the game as compensation for wasting their money on such an unpolished disaster.

        Pokémon is the number 1 media franchise in the world. They can afford a bigger development team to ensure future games are ready for release without running into the usual time crunch if they really wanted to avoid this in the future. But that would cost money and they know they can rob their fans because people will buy anything with a Pokémon label…

        1. Honestly, its basically because they don’t want to miss the holiday seasons or the black Friday sales so they can have there games up on the stores shelfs. I know people don’t like rush and unfinish games that is looking unpolished and not well produce properly, but I really do wish the Pokémon company has longer development times for there mainline games so it won’t happen again in the future and yes, people can buy anything that was made by GameFreak. SEGA and Sonic Team is taking things seriously of having future Sonic games being in longer development times according to Aaron Webber. Developing a game takes 3 to 4 years and it cost money to development such a unique game.

          1. The Pokemon Company owns the Pokemon brand and Nintendo only owns 1/3rd of the Pokemon Company. Nintendo isn’t even involved in the game development so… them apologizing for their partner is nice and all but not the same as the company itself apologizing.

  3. Announcing that they’re going to rush multiple new mainline titles to market before the end of the year when no one was pressuring them to – entirely unfinished, of course.

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