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Nintendo 7

Nintendo Wii Remains Firm Favourite In Japan

The Wii continues to hold its lucrative position atop of Japanese most wanted charts, but Sony’s PlayStation 3 isn’t trailing too far behind. Japanese technology site ITmedia recently conducted a survey to establish which next generation console Japanese consumers plan to purchase by the end the year. The results came through with the Nintendo Wii staking a 40 percent share, […]

Nintendo 1

Nintendo Wii To Be One Hot Item This Christmas

Currently wondering what’s set to be the number one toy this Christmas? Well look no further as one of the serious contenders for this all important accolade is Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii console. Whilst the revolutionary machine is up against usual Christmas heavy weights such as Barbie, and the oh so cute Elmo, the Wii is the only video games console […]

Nintendo 10

The Back Of The Nintendo Wii (In All Its Glory)

I posted this image on the Official Nintendo Magazine Forums a week or so ago and received such an unexpected, and overwhelming response that I thought I’d share it with those of you who’ve yet to see it. The snap shot was taken courtesy of IGN at the recent Nintendo press conferences that took place in America, England and Japan. […]

Nintendo 10

The Triumphant Return Of Banjo-Kazooie

Banjo-Kazooie the title which is regarded by many as the only real competitor to Super Mario 64‘s 3D platforming crown is finally set to make a resurgence on Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Currently no screenshots are available to drool over, but there is a promotional trailer doing the rounds which shows that the game is set to retain the original’s goofy […]

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Nintendo Wii Will Be In Plentiful Supply

One million units is the figure being branded about by Nintendo America in regards to the number of Wii’s ready to ship for its US debut November 19th. This news further reiterates what Nintendo, and the rumours – which have consistently surrounded the company, have previously stated in regards to a plentiful supply of units for consumers at the systems […]