Smash Bros And Kirby’s Masahiro Sakurai Headlining This Year’s CEDEC

This years Computer Entertainment Developers Conference will be headlined by none other than Smash Bros and Kirby producer Masahiro Sakurai. Sakurai will deliver a speech on game design on August 20th. CEDEC wouldn’t share the topic of his speech, but expect plenty of insight into Sakurai’s development methodology.

Nintendo: Miyamoto Expresses His Hopes For The Future

Revered developer Shigeru Miyamoto was awarded The CEDEC Award Special Prize at the recent CEDEC Awards, his humble acceptance speech is as follows:

“Well… Tomorrow I’m going to talk for about an hour, so today I didn’t think I’d have a speech. (laughs) Thank you very much. I think, even as I get older, I want to keep striving. I think anyone who still has the opportunity to work still feels that way. Honestly, as society recognizes gaming bit by bit, I think we should all do our best so that the game business flourishes and the number of the children who want to enter the industry multiples. Thank you very much.”