This years Computer Entertainment Developers Conference will be headlined by none other than Smash Bros and Kirby producer Masahiro Sakurai. Sakurai will deliver a speech on game design on August 20th. CEDEC wouldn’t share the topic of his speech, but expect plenty of insight into Sakurai’s development methodology.



  1. i hate sakurai’s development method, in this day. its not a good idea for that. miyamoto sure as hell doesn’t do it! if he did nintendo would’ve been dead long ago.

    sakurai’s style of “not even starting until the current title is 100% complete” is stupid. do you really have that little faith in your team you need to hold their hands until its done?


  2. So he will explain to the people the ‘Sakurai’s Perfectionism’ that is a Complement of the ‘Miyamoto’s walk, No Run’ or ‘Iwata’s Not lie to the customer’, that would be interesting if he explain about his most recent movements(like Kid Icarus or Smash Bros U/3D)


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