Super Smash Bros. Wii U To Have Different Controller Options

The next Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will probably allow gamers to choose among different controller types, according to producer Masahiro Sakurai. Sakurai mentions the fact that the Nintendo GameCube controller isn’t the only way to control Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and his team “will look into ways that fits the Wii U.”

Although it’s a Wii exclusive, motion controls are almost nonexistent in Super Smash Bros. Brawl – would you like Wii U’s (or Nintendo 3DS’s) Super Smash Bros. game to implement motion controls in some way?

122 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros. Wii U To Have Different Controller Options”

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    2. i dont see no harm as long as the do it right like shake the controller or 3ds when your dizzy or move the device around for possible special aim attack like snake had in ssbb

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    1. SOMEONE tell sakurai to do an adapter from gc to wiimote and everyone who played this game competitively will be really happy.

    1. Your gamecube control won’t work you could play with your wii remote, wii u touchscreen controller or the wii u pro controller

        1. we will be able to use the wii u pro controller! which is awesome btw! and you cant play gamecube discs from the wii u, but you will be able to play them on the virtual console…

              1. Noone wants to buy OLD games on a system that SOLDless THAN XBOX AND PS2 LOL


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  1. Well I would at least like a gameplay mode that lets a 5th player control the stage hazards but other than that, no.

      1. I was about to write that :p
        I think that would be a cool idea. They had a person control a camera/take pictures as an option in Melee, so they have already had players control other things.. so it’s possible to do a stage hazard thing.

        1. A better idea would he for the gamepad player to control the items nd stuff where they spawn ndlioe pokeballs nd smashballs nd u can help or hinder.others

        2. i have not clicked this link but i presume it’s a bad picture, what’s with all this shit lately? i got a fucking warning for asking what the wii u is, and these dicks are doing worse!

    1. 5th player controlling stage hazards, items, and possibly Master Hand on FD seems useful and neat for parties.

    1. It’s my favorite too! It was just really well-made and planned out. I really liked the C stick as a camera since it let you freely control it like in Sunshine or Wind Waker

      1. Oops, forgot to mention- they did make a new one called the Wii U pro controller. Like someone else said, it’s like the Xbox controller.. but the Xbox controller has the same button arrangement as the Gamecube. It’s the same shape as the Xbox, but they just moved some things around so it’s not exactly the same.

        1. The Xbox 360 controller is model after the original Xbox controller, which Microsoft rip off the Sega Dream Cast controller which Sega based off the Sega Saturn controller.

      1. Yes, that is the design of the controller. However, I prefer the layout and feeling of the Gamecube controller better hence why I think a third party or Nintendo should make one with the Gamecube triggers and a complete remake of the GC controller.

  2. Not to be nit-picky or anything, but in ssbb you could shake the wii remote to do smash attacks… and i will forever miss the game cube controller. hopefully they mess up again so that we can hack the game and implement a way to use the game cube controller.

  3. Motion controls? No thanks, just because you can have motion controls, does not mean you have to use them. I will play with a Wii U pro controller as that is most like a NGC controller. Only put in motion controls in games where it would be cool to play with them but always have that option to play without them where possible.

  4. Some form of touch would be nice, particularly w/ certain items and final smashes. Too, both systems have a touch screen.

  5. Naaaah, enable the Classic Controller Pro and everyone, bar none, will likely turn to using that, since it is the most similar thing the Wii U will have to the Game Cube controller, next to the normal Classic controller, which the Wii U is backwards compatible with.

  6. I’m not going to use them anyway, so if other players want to have less chance of winning; that’s all up to them. Won’t make a difference for me.

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  7. Good to know, will be my definite purchase for a pro controller. Doesnt matter how Nintendo systems change and what new ideas they have, Smash Bros will stay traditional to me.

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  8. I never liked playing smash bros using the WiiMote. Traditional controllers works best for fighting games, but maybe using the Wii U gamepad or the 3DS as the controller will be also an experience im willing to try

  9. I’m predicting that the next Super Smash Bros. will have support for the Wii U GamePad, the Wii U Pro Controller and The Wii Remote/Nunchuk/Classic Controller Pro. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Not to everyone. They may decide to drop the Classic Controller Pro, because the Wii U Pro controller is basically the same controller with the analog sticks on the top instead of the bottom.

  10. I don’t really want them, but I think they would be kinda cool in some final smashes, like DK could to that multiple punch thing he does in DKCR to the masks.

  11. Take that gamecube controller and hang it up in a modern museum where all the rest of the pieces of art belong, we won’t be able to use them for the Wii U (- _ -)

  12. Well, I don’t mind but they have to work on different options for a controller. Personally I don’t like the wii control to play smash. Seen the Wii U control, I don’t think it would be bad, but for the motion controls, they have to make it really good and comfortable for players. As for the Wii U pro control, no problem at all!

    Sakurai, if you do Motion controls, at least make it useful.

  13. wow. Nintendo fanboys all praised motion controls and now they HATE them for smash bros? Goes to show traditional gaming is better than GIMMICKY CONTROLS

    Atleast you all realise now that motion gaming sucks. especially CASUAL SKYSWORD HERPP HERP MY REMOTE IS A SWORD NOW…

  14. I don’t care if I need a usb to gamecube adapter. I want to play Smash Brothers 4 with the gamecube controller

    1. no doubt, man. I won’t be getting a U, unless the GC controller is made for it. I can’t play Smash, or Kart, without the GC controller.

  15. No motion controls. I say allow the use of the Wii U pro controller. Not as a necessity but as an option. The simplicity of the game is what makes it so great! I still play Brawl with my friends, we like sitting down and playing. Of my friends: 2 prefer the Wiimote, 2(including me) prefer the game cube controllers. Controller options: Wiimote, Wii U pro, the controller that came with the console. Just because wii U allows for motion control doesn’t mean you should incorporate it. Seriously please don’t.

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