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Tekken Producer Wants Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony To ‘Get Together And Make A Console’

Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada claims that consumers are no longer dedicated to one platform and console makers can no longer control the way people game. Nowadays, there are many platforms that gamers can choose from to play on. Harada thinks that “it would be interesting if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo got together just to make one console,” and it makes him “very happy to think about all the possibilities that could occur because of that.”

176 thoughts on “Tekken Producer Wants Nintendo, Microsoft & Sony To ‘Get Together And Make A Console’”

    1. It would be like if the Light side of the force collided with the dark side. Nintendo being the light side. It must not happen!

    1. Microsoft and Sony would probably duke it out in some sort of awesome battle and Nintendo would be watching while eating paste.

    2. so it would be nintendo….nintendo has made a lot more money than microsoft and sony as far as gaming consoles go.

          1. I guess I just think nintendo does their best when they do their own thing not when they team up with other people

          2. Don’t you dare say Fable. They ruined that franchise shortly after the first game. Halo literally is what saved them, though. Without Halo the Xbox would’ve died before it even got to make another console.

              1. To be fair, the first one was fantastic. I don’t really care about the others because they focused so much on the multiplayer that the story felt lack luster compared to the original. Infact, the story makes VERY little sense in Reach and 3 when you get down to it. All Halo did imo is set a new standard for shooters.

                1. “All Halo did imo is set a new standard for shooters.”

                  Lol, how much do you want them to do? And to be fair (sorry people who hate MS automatically), but Halo executed it’s genre VERY well.

                  1. ” Halo executed it’s genre VERY well. ”

                    Some of the gaming community may just agree with you on that point….but in a whole other context!

                  2. I never said it DIDN’T execute it’s genre well. Infact, I just said it set a new standard. I also never said it was bad, I’m saying (probably not well enough) that Microsoft’s franchises are all bought, and that Halo, while it started good, gradually became worse over time because the story that started out so strong just fell apart. I don’t like it when games focus too much on the multiplayer when the important aspect is the presentation.

            1. … exclusively for Xbox, yes!
              That’s like not counting prof. Layton for Nintendo DS because it was made by Level 5, not Nintendo itself.
              “But that doesn’t matter! (oh wait….)” Exactly!

        1. what does that have to do with software? take a look at things like Xbox Live and then look at Nintendo Network and PSN and try to say that either of them are better with a straight face.

          1. I get all the same shit without paying a dime on PSN. My face could only be straighter if you ran it over with big-rig tire.

                1. it is indeed, not a load of shit you tool. I have not even been able to download the free games i was promised a year ago because of its shitty ass internet.

  1. That’s a nice fantasy. Never gonna happen. Due to the very nature of business, one of those companies would try to swallow and absorb the other 2. Nintendo can’t and won’t trust any outside sources with their IPs. Nintendo is the only true gaming company, imo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. With sony’s visuals, Microsoft’s online, and nintendo’s innovation. That would be a console to end all consoles. And with no competition, it would have the starting price of $1000. Its nice to dream right.

  2. Rubbish, people still have loyalty to their favourite of the three. They won’t even make one game cross-platform on the 3 main consoles, there is no way in hell they would make a console together.

      1. Yeah. Microsoft would do what they could to pull cash out of our pockets at ANY opportunity. Sony is a million times better than them, mostly because they take consumers into consideration… mostly.

        1. Theyve been a lot more considerate, like the whole Buy A PS3 game and receive the Vita game free. That’s awesome. I mean, its only a few games, but who else does this.

    1. Microsoft is disappointing, but Sony is just pulling a Frank Fontaine on its own fans and everyone else. And the best way Frank Fontaine got what he wanted was to make everyone else feel like “they’re worth a nickel.” That’s seriously what Sony does, and that’s why most Sony fanboys are so blind to how much Sony treats them like cheap shit who only wants cheap shit. Cuz Sony is blinding them by making them feel good about themselves. Anyone who does that sort of thing should be kept at a very long arm’s length, cuz they’re the ones who can easily get away with deceiving you.

  3. Interesting although bad idea.One if not all of the countries would disagree with each-other and one would try to declare itself a leader and may result in a catastrophic failure that could damage the gaming industry.

      1. the original plan of the cooperation was to release a playstation that would be capable of playing both snes cartridges and CD based games
        i guess we all know that it didn’t work out that way

        when nintendo realized how bad of a deal they struck with their contract, basically having to hand most of the control over to sony most likely jeopardizing their future as a successful and independent producer of hardware, they cut all ties with them

        afterwards nintendo tried to prevent sony to continue using the jointly developed technology which would likely have resulted in sony abandoning the idea of an own console altogether
        fortunately it wasn’t successful
        the jointly developed technology had, aside from the CD technology, nothing in common with the actual playstation that we’ve come to know however

        that cooperation was far from successful and only by chance it turned into a win for the gaming industry

        it’s precisely how any cooperation nowadays would dole out
        they would try to screw each other over where they possibly can

  4. it won’t happen. Ever. I doubt Nintendo will make the same mistake they did before. Nintendo wanted to make a CD based console and got together with Sony on it. However, Sony wanted to have all rights to Nintendo’s characters. So, they declined. However, it was too late. Sony already had their technology. That’s how the PS1 was born, guys. Same with the CD-I when they tried to get with Phillips on the matter. Nintendo would be foolish to get ripped like that again.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo and Sony. They know what they’re doing on the creative and innovation side. It almost feels as if they belong together. Microcock on the other hand just buys other people’s franchises and steals ideas.

    1. the playstation sony released was an original development and had not much at all to do with what they’d developed together with nintendo (which was basically an SNES with CD functionality)

      by humiliating them (yes japanese businessmen are very proud) nintendo did however give them the shove they needed towards developing their own console and go into direct competition with nintendo
      so yeah i guess some credit has to go towards nintendo for that little spark that started the fire^^

  5. Would be kind of cool as long as its free. Would pretty much create a monopoly though, I personally don’t like Microsoft that much since they seem kind of greedy, but I would like to play Halo maybe. Also the part of consumers no longer dedicated to one platform isn’t very true, there are some “fanboys” of consoles/PC and I don’t see it going away soon.

        1. But nintendo dropped them the last minute… Nintendo announced their plans with philips after sony announced their plans with nintendo… Nintendo left them with egg on their face.. thats public embarrassment there

          1. they both fought dirty
            sony tried to strangle nintendo with a one sided contract (which nintendo should have been more thorough about however) and nintendo humiliated sony before the press

          2. Whatever Sony was offering them (and by offering, I mean, taking away from Nintendo) was more than enough for Nintendo to pull out at the last minute, even if it meant making Sony look bad in the process. It wasn’t even just to make Sony look bad, Nintendo did it for survival. And sometimes surviving will piss people off around you, even if you did nothing wrong.

  6. This would be sooooo epic! Mario zelda , metroid ,starfox, pokemon smash bros, mariokart, halo, fable, gears of war, forza, killzone, uncharted, all on one all the rest of the exclusives and 3rd party titles! My god I would buy this console day 1 no exceptions! This would be the. Most awesome console in video game history!

    1. If PC and mobile gaming get big enough, it could happen. But most likely, we’d see Microsoft jump onto the PC, Nintendo do ehat they always do, and Sony would end up having to join one of the other or be the new Sega.

  7. Can i point out the Playstation only exists because Nintendo wouldn’t cave in the 90’s and make the N64 a disc driven console and stuck with cartridges. The idea that Sony would do anything with Nintendo again is plain stupid. I am a pretty big Nintendo fanboy as well, but letting Sony create the Playstation was one of the biggest blunders they’ve ever done.

  8. Interesting idea. However, people like to have variety. I’m pretty sure the video game industry operates in a similar way to capitalism. Nintendo is excluded from that to an extent because of their targeting their own market, while Sony and Microsoft focus on the “core gamer.”

  9. If theres no competition then they have full control over everything… that could lead to some baaaddd things

  10. nope. I want variety and choices.

    and you know what would happen to us consumer when there is no competition right? ridiculous prices, and we will be sucked dry of our money

      1. hey why do we need luxury and entertainment at all
        let’s go live in caves again
        apparently “getting laid” is all that counts :D

        1. Exactly, ‘Luxury’ you can live without it. The moment Games take over your whole life to the point that a company rapes your wallet and even though you complain you willingly let it happen.

          wether its a cave or space station, you need to get laid.

    1. No it wouldnt. It would just be a PS3 with advertising, halo, online fees, and oter bullshit crap, and kinect. Or a 360 with some good exclusives. In fact, Nintendo would probably benefit from it, seeing as there would only be 2 consoles to choose from, most people will buy both, or a PC and Nintendo, useless you’re a “hardcore” gamer (unimaginative boring arsehole)

  11. not gonna happen and its not about “no, dont do it” its more of “we, nintendo, microsoft, and sony make one agreement and its a no”. IF they did then what do you think it will be called? WiiBoxStationVita3D?

  12. Together? Xbox and Nintendo are the only ones that is creative. Sony just tries to make the idea in what they believe is better.

    1. I think you need to expand on what you mean by creative. I can be creative, “ermmm, a games device, thats powered by sitting on the can”. Doesn’t mean its a good or bad idea, but i wont get it to work properly, or used in a conventional sense but people will buy it because humans are stupid, which is what the Kinect is.

    2. Creative? how is microsoft creative? Forza: GT ripoff, Fable: Zelda Ripoff, Halo: Futuristic Call of Duty with an actual Story, Kinect: PS eye toy on steroids, Windows 8 is a rip off of apples OS.

      even Gears Of War is a rip off of lost planet. the only thing missing is the hooks.

      1. Window 8….i dont think ive gotten mire angry at a company for something. I mean, window 8 makes it ILLEGAL to use non-microsoft branded products….that includes Steam. And the xbox720 is part of a range of products intergrated with window 8. Fuck NO.

        1. Yes exactly, the reason I don’t own a mac is because I hate beign restricted to certain programs. Windows 7 will be the last time I update OS, or I might just hop in the linux Bandwagon.

      2. It sounds like you haven’t played any of these games. Forza? More like an improvement than a rip-off. As for Fable, that’s idiotic. It’s like all those idiots, comparing Skyrim with Skyward Sword. Worst of all, you think Halo is like Call of Duty just because it’s a shooter.

        Come on, really.

        1. They are nothing more than fanboys. Pity they never compare Mario sales to Halo or COD…

          yes I am aware they are both diff genres… so is skyrim and Zelda… lol

        2. improvement? call it what you call it, the controls are never on point, they’re either too stiff or just not tight enough and doesn’t change the fact that it was made to compete with GT. Fable: Probably my favorite series on xbox, but its a rip of zelda, 3ed one was a let down. halo: please, like I said, the only difference was the futuristic setting and that it actually has a story, ooh and that you can jump super high :0 yes I I do own a 360, but If I don’t like something, ill say it, just like how SkywardSword was a huge let down, and the move is just atrocious. NSMB2 looks like a quick cash in by Nintendo, and haze was shit. my original point was, microsoft is not creative.

  13. Even though it has a snow ball’s chance in hell, A PSGameBox (XPS Boy, or GameBox PS) would be like if they would mashup both Republicans and Democrats and call it a new political party. But hey, I could though see Nintendo and Microsoft (or Apple) team up down the way and make a super crossover console.

  14. *dreamy sigh* That would be freakin awesome. but they’re all about money, and they make more money separately, so… Yeah, not ever gonna happen, unfortunately.

    1. I would kill myself if the sacrifice meant that SEGA made another console, especially if they did it with Nintendo. I would make this sacrifice for the world.

  15. I would rather have it not happen…ever. But if it happens, I hope Miscrosoft won’t join. Sony isn’t much different from Nintendo if you look at it, they have tried to imitate them for so long…at least that way people wouldn’t look down on them for copying Nintendo.

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  17. This is what I think would happen if all three worked together on a console. First off Nintendo would back out early as they seem clever enough to know it is a bad idea and then from there onwards Microsoft and Sony would argue the whole time and they will either blow all there money and/or cancel the console.
    All though all three companies making a console seem’s interesting it would be terrible and anyway I wouldn’t like to play Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and Kirby ect. on any other console that isn’t Nintendo.

  18. LOL this couldn’t happen simply because each company has differing values. The first party titles of Microsoft are ALL shooters. Sony tries to emulate nintendo too much but charges outrageous prices, and Nintendo is the only one with an ounce of originality.

  19. Thought of this idea myself. Was strictly only a fantasy.

    In reality, the struggle for direction and power would be too great. This would change the industry for the worse due to those issues.

    We’ve somewhat witnessed a sneak peak attempt with the two Japanese companies, Nintendo and Sony(Birth of the Playstation).

  20. Y’know, people say this could not legally happen, but that’s only in the instance that making a console together forces them to abandon their own consoles.
    Even if they did a collaboration console, I doubt they would give up their own company-specific consoles, so it wouldn’t be a legit monopoly in that case since each company would still have their own individual works.
    Also, the console would not feature any first-party titles.
    Just third-party offerings.
    And it would be indie-developer-friendly, if I were choosing what preferences I’d like to see in it.

    Sony and Micro would both handle the meat inside the machine[all the inner workings, which is a huge trust placed in them], and Nintendo would handle the naming of the system and the contracting with interested third parties and indie developers.
    All three of them would work together to form the online functions, because lets face it; none of them got it absolutely perfect.
    Sony’s was too tight-fisted with its laws, Micro demanded payment and didn’t always have great customer service [I can practically hear the squishy sound coming from the 1%’s rolling eyes at this comment now], and Nintendo didn’t have a truly solid, user-friendly infrastructure to use with it.[before the 3DS, that is, but even then, some people just hate numbers so much that having a single code for all games is still a code too many]
    The new system would NEED to take the best traits of the online from each one to make it work; Sony’s structure and profile system, Microsoft’s server stability and know-how with running things, and Nintendo’s friendly, free-to-play model and rules/ToS for consumers to follow.
    All three would combine talents for online customer support, of course, so that if people weren’t satisfied, they wouldn’t be able to pin blame on any one of the three individually in any fair manner.
    It would also help if they followed Nintendo’s business model as far as pricing goes.[not talking about the starting price of the 3DS, mind. Think the good old SNES days]

    It would be interesting, to say the least, but in the end, legal issues or no, each company’s values are too dissimilar to mesh correctly for such an effort, so it’s naught more than a wistful dream…

  21. Think about it…

    Nintendo: The Pc and mobile market is dominant we NEED-

    Microsoft: Regginator?

    Nintendo: No, a brand new console made by us.

    SegaSony: But only if I get full rights to-

    Nintendo: First party characters,No.

    SegaSony: Ok but once we blow up the 3 Dual Screens and Vita

    M$: But the Vitanic already sunk.

    SegaSony: Addressing Windows mobile, M$.

    M$: …

    Ninty: Ok I’ll handel creativety and SegaSony you’ll handle Specs and M$ you’ll handel OS

    M$: what will we name it.

    Ninty: Wii Unique

    SegaSony: -Self absorbed.

    M$: Shut Up Sony It’ll be called.. Microgear720

    SegaSony: it’ll be colored-

    Ninty: No Emo Colors.

    M$: Green



    SegaSony: Because our effort,because it’s specs and hardware we priced it to be reasonable. 2000$

    M$ fanboy: WWallet Rape Wwwallet Rape

    SegaSony fanboy: Shut up it’s reasonable

    Ninty fanboy: VITANIC RETURNS

  22. The only way this could ever happen in some way is if all 3 would be heavily endangered by a rival company that “infects” the minds of gamers from all sides.

    Nintendo would probably still be in control of the consoles name though.
    The Triforce

    Maybe if that would ever happen all 3 can force EA to stop being lazy bitches once and for all.

  23. hahaha the reason i never check the comments here is because its just a bunch of immature kids cussing and arguing over every single post.

  24. Could they perhaps create 3 consoles, one for Nintendo and Sony, one for Nintendo and Microsoft, and one for Microsoft and Sony?

  25. Well if the videogame market falls in the toilet in upcoming years and Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo need a pick me up than this would be the perfect thing to do. The console would be Innovative(like Nintendo) powerful(like Sony) and… what ever Microsoft has to offer? Some good exclusive games like Halo maybe?

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