Tekken Producer Says People Are Focusing Too Much On Wii U Specs

Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada is under the impression that people are too busy discussing the raw technical power of Wii U, rather than the system’s unique capabilities.

“People seem to be focusing too much comparing the raw specs to other hardware. You really have to be looking at the capabilities and what features it has.”

348 thoughts on “Tekken Producer Says People Are Focusing Too Much On Wii U Specs”

    1. The only people that need to know specs are coders and artists.

      You have to understand that polygon power did not increase. shader capacity increased.

      also new shaders where created that faked the lighting of some what flat surfaces.

      this trick was know as normal mapping. this is the sole reason that the graphics jumped so high.

      it wasnt cpu speed, gpu speed, or blu ray….. it was normal mapping.

      this is a taste of what we can do on the wiiu.

      this is what is now possible on the wiiu. the other consoles will not go beyond the art you see here. the
      wiiu can use 8k textures also.
      this is why crytek and any one that knows graphics knows the wiiu will be fine. the only real difference will be more particles and more effects happening yet most gamers cant count or see a difference between software particles, hardware particles, etc.

      most games dont need dynamic light we can use eics new engine to simply back light faster… which is what frostbyte and the new cry engine will let us do.

      to let you know what normal mapping is just look here.

      then go to related to check out how this is done.

      im only posting this because you guys have been mislead by lots of hype if power and are loking for the wrong things ti judge power.

      just to let you know this is the sole reason why phone are suppose to catch up to consoles. all a phone gpu needs is shader supprt and great memory bandwidth.

      yet with that said a few years later the wiiu will catch up to current high end pc tech by way of code optimization… ah la ps3 like design.

      at 12 instructions a cycle it doesnt need to have a faster chip to beat last gen. its a smarter chip, waston….

      happy reading.

              1. the fact that he’s going on complete spec rumors to prove his “facts”. The Wii U is definitely going to be more capable than the competition, but not by a big margin. And by the way, the Tekken guy had a bit of a retard moment, when he’s criticizing people focused on specs, yet he says “You really have to be looking at the capabilities and what features it has.” Capabilities and features are to specs how intestines and bowel movements are to shit, they’re related and directly affect each other. With shitty specs you get shitty capabilities and features. So he’s wrong.

      1. You are the man of the day on the internet, of anybody question that tell em Marvin said so…. But your comment made the most sence

      2. lmao the links did not show. bad bad drooooid….

        http:\\ m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=5aQVBrLLE5I

        look at the polygon count and compare it to the visual detail.

    1. *makes Willy Wonka face* What’s that Nintendo is finished?

      Please tell me all about how the Xbox 360 and PS3 outsold the Wii.

      1. The only reason why the Wii outsold the Playstation3 and Xbox360 is because it offers huge amounts of games for children, unlike the other systems. So it’s obvious that parents will decide to buy their children a Wii with “appropriate” games for their children, may it be babysitting games, pet games, cooking games, fairy-princess games, fashion games or what ever, rather than two other systems which offer basically none of them but games for adults. It didn’t outsell the other two systems because of its own features and capabilities, don’t fool yourself. These are the facts, whether you like it or not.
        And no, I’m no fangirl. I do love both Nintendo and Sony and I do own both the Wii and the Playstation3.

        1. Wrong, madam.
          The Wii outsold them because PEOPLE WANTED THE SYSTEM.
          People OF ALL AGES wanted the system.
          And if it broke down, they liked it enough to WANT TO REPLACE IT.
          Replacements and initial sales combined with a focus on the casual market [yes, CASUALS ARE GAMERS TOO] drove the Wii to out-sell the competition.
          It sold because people liked what it had to offer both IN GAMES AND IN HARDWARE.

          Your “facts” are biased half-truths and nothing more.
          I’m so SICK of people taking the Wii down to the level of “only for children”. It’s a narrow-minded view that does not give credit to any of the wonderful-for-any-age games on the system, and it needs to DIE.

          1. http://www.vgchartz.com/platform/2/wii/

            In the top 10 only two titles are worthwhile.

            In the top 20 yet another two titles; TP doesn’t count since it’s a last minute mirrored port.

            Number 30 is the only one after 20.

            I conclude that the Wii is shovelware shit and in no way a legitimate gaming console for legitimate gamers. You’re a Wii fantard, so you’ll do anything to defend the bitter truth. The good games are outsold by shovelware and casual fuckfests.

            1. Games I own on the wii that are worth while:
              Fragile Dreams
              Silent Hill: Shattered memories (while it’s not as good as other SH games)
              Mario Galaxy 1 + 2
              New super mario bros wii
              Kirby’s return to Dreamland
              LoZ Skyward Sword
              Sonic Colors
              DK Country returns
              Lost in Shadow
              Metroid prime 3
              Monster Hunter 3
              No more heroes 1 + 2
              Okami (while it is a port, it’s a damn good one)
              Phantom Brave (It was made here before the PSP version)
              Super Smash brothers Brawl
              Xenoblade Chronicles
              Last Story
              Fatal Frame 4
              Mario kart Wii
              … have more, should i go on? Every console has shovelware. the wii still has dozens of good games. This is only a fraction of the games I own for wii and I for one think they’re fantastic. I own nearly every console since 1985 and over 400 games, more than half of those being 100% completed. So, don’t go telling me i’m a nintendo fanboy or know nothing about the art of videogames.

              1. +1

                Every system has had great games, although mos of the 360′s were multiplats, but everytimei play a Wii one, i grt blown away. That didnt happen often on my ps3. Im actually gutted that i neglectedmy wii as much as i need. I got DKCR the other week. Its incredible, and it came out 2 years ago…because i was too busy playing, most likely some “okay” ps3 game. Im not making the same mistake next gen. Essentialsonly, unless the market is in a dead month, and i can bet most of those will be on the wiiu, rather than my ps3/ps4

                1. Aren’t you that ugly piece of crap always fanwanking Nintendo even on the facebook page?

                  You’d agree even if they shipped out a cardboard box which could play Mario.

              2. You are a Nintendo fanboy, and I highly doubt any of the bullshit you said is what you actually own, looks like you just ripped a list of Wii games with decent scores and decided to post here to inspire some sort of a point.

            2. Although I agree that it had a lot of shovelware (and no Nintendo fanboys better disagree) you’re being kind of one dimensional by saying it’s not even a real console. I own a Wii and PS3 and I love both for different reasons. If you take the Wii and cut out the crap you have some pretty awesome games.

            3. Can you give me a source from someone I should actually give a fuck about saying “Wii is shovelware shit and in no way a legitimate gaming console for legitimate gamers.”

            4. Your opinion of who is and is not a gamer, not to mention your focus on labeling people as such based off of their taste in games, marks you as an arrogant elitist who’s opinion does not matter in the slightest.

              You have no clue what a real gamer is, Aeolus, so shut your mouth. Oh, and troll harder. You’re still not entertaining.

              1. Deal with it, you little bitch. You’re not a gamer when you fanboy Nintendo and undermine the competition, which is what you always do. Therefore, you are a fake gamer and probably a basement dweller.

            5. …right, so you believe that the games that have sold the most ought to be the most worthwhile, judging by your post. However, whenever we mention sales of the 3DS, you tell us that sales don’t equate to quality.


          2. I never said that the Wii is a children’s toy in my opinion. If that would have been my opinion, I wouldn’t have bought it, don’t you think ? And to be honest I do not believe that anyone bought the Wii because of its hardware. I just do not. Other than it’s controllers it does not really offer anything special, hardware-wise.
            And as you said it yourself, people of all ages bought it. And that’s basically what I just said. Unlike the other two systems, the Wii was bought by both “adults”/teenagers AND children whereas the other two systems couldn’t count children as their customers.
            And it’s not like people who owned the other systems never replaced them. I can’t tell if the others broke down more often than the Wii, none of my systems ever broke down on me even though I spend a lot of time with them, but I do know that people tend to replace their systems in general, no matter if it’s a Wii or something else.
            Oh, and I also never said that casual gamers are no gamers. Because they obviously are. And it’s not like other systems do not get bought by casual gamers. Games like Singstar, Guitar Hero or Kinect games and things like that are made for them, after all.
            The things I said before are not biased half-truths. They are facts. You can not deny that the Wii does offer a whole lot of children’s games. It simply does, it’s just the truth, not an opinion. But that does not mean it does not offer any good games. Means, I did not take the Wii down.
            As sick as you are of people who take the Wii down to that level, I am sick of people who can not face facts. It’s annoying how they refuse to accept any negative facts about Nintendo and just can’t accept that Nintendo sometimes does things wrong too. Trying to talk them good even if the truth is more than obvious does nothing but make the person who’s doing it make look stupid.

            1. Allow me to ask you this, then, Mr. Anonymous; what’s your definition of a “children’s game”?
              If you’re marking everything below a T rating as a kid’s game, then you’ve lost all credibility.
              If not, then you’ve got my attention, so please do divulge.

              1. It’s called E for everyone for a reason, kids can play it, and the majority of E games are indeed kiddy, or some sort of genre that doesn’t actually have any depiction of violence of the sort.

                1. So for a game to be good it has to be M? most people playing M games are 12 year olds with no life, just like you you little shitstain

          3. Not really dumb ass we are in time where people don’t have a lot of money to spend willy nilly so parents buy children the cheapest console which is the Wii

          4. Hey, I like the Wii and all but don’t try to sound smart and say that it didn’t sell mostly to casual players. A lot of hardcore gamers got it too but that was a small margin compared to the ones bought for little kids. I’m not trying to sound like I hate Nintendo because I don’t so don’t call me a troll. And for the last year or so there were barely any games for non-casual gamers. Except of course for wonderful games such as Xenoblade and Last Story. Those were amazing.

        2. that’s not the point

          when someone claims “nintendo is finished” then wii sales are valid counter argument
          there’s no reason why they shouldn’t reach the same people, and maybe even more, with the wii-u

    1. nor will there ever be a word from nintendo regarding specs

      they didn’t release official specs in the past and they won’t start now
      what they’ve released so far is all we’re ever gonna hear about it from them

      won’t stop people from disassembling their wii-u after launch and start analysing the hardware of course

  1. Yep, exactly. I hate PC’s because of the terrible controls, reliability, price, etc. I could care less how good the graphics are on PC’s, I will never game on them. I’d buy a Wii U over a $1000 PC any day.

    1. You would only spend that much at day one after that you would only need to buy the GPU upgrade every couple years for around 200-300$ and also games are cheaper on PC.

      1. >Terrible controls
        You can buy a PC that’s 10x than current consoles for about 300-600 dollars. Not to mention, Mouse and Keyboard isn’t all that bad. You can also use Wii mote, PS3 and Xbox360 controllers on on all PC games…

        Stop being a boy fan.

        1. I love how you call him a fanboy when your acting like having PC actually means something that it’s better then console.Go outside or something because no body cares.

          What I do plug in game and play.Have fun.
          Nobody cares about a PC being better good for you.Congrats you can play your toys in better graphics.You like a compete nerd.No reason girls think Gamers are fat losers on there computer playing WOW.People like you think talking about your toy player being better actually means something.It’s like if I have standard t.v and you have a HDTV and you AHAHHAHA mine has better graphics and visuals.My reaction I don’t care because I go outside and have life.My life doesn’t revolve around a damn t.v or pc like yours doesn’t apparently.

    2. terrible controls? Oo
      there’s a new thing called usb game pad.. mayhaps you’ve heard about it

      also the pc has the mouse.. now playing an ego shooter or an RTS with a game pad.. that’s the epitome of terrible controls right there
      only on a console you’ve got no choice

      furthermore xbox360 and ps3 haven’t exactly proven reliable (24% and 10% return rate within the first 2 years of ownership)
      the wii was the only console with decent reliability

      i can understand your concern about the price tag however

      this and the fact that setting up a PC isn’t just plug and play, as compared to consoles, are legit and understandable reasons to abandon PC gaming.. the other ones you’ve named are not

    3. Honestly the things you state are something a retard would the only valid point is that it’s pricey in the beginning but than again it isn’t you can do everything the Wii U can on a PC and an infinite times more. So really in the long run Wii U is the more expensive console it’s been obsolete for more than 5 years while PC’s are continuing to get better and better.

      1. saying that a pc has “terrible controls” or “low reliability” has nothing to do with opinion, it’s just plain wrong

    1. not only that but the raw specs, even if they were the same as a xbox360, could still produce better graphics and wahtnot

      1. that doesn’t make any sense

        why would a console with the same specs as another produce higher quality graphics?

        that’s almost like saying: my xbox has better graphics than yours

        1. Simple, modern architecture along with support for more modern engines. But, even so, the difference wouldn’t be all that noticeable.

  2. Exactly! I just love the fact that I can instantly stream my game from the TV to the Wii U Gamepad so someone else can watch whatever they want as I play my Wii U. This was a problem between my dad and I with the Wii. I would want to play a game like Skyward Sword and he would always want to watch TV. Now I can just play Wii U games in my room with out having to sacrifice anything. Also the Miiverse looks interesting.

  3. I wish people would do that since graphics are good and all but there are more to games than graphics. If you are really a graphics whore just buy a PC but if you want a change from all that get a console. I own a PC and the money I put into it is far less than the money I put into consoles. First purchase on a gaming PC will be around 900$ but after that you never have to worry about buying new case, mobo, cpu, ram, or hdd/sdd. The other things that need to be upgraded is the GPU and if you play your cards right it can last you years without having to bump up to another 500$ GPU

        1. Exactly how when it’s still selling consistently better than the Wii on a monthly basis, and is only 2 million orso units behind the 360, which had a year head start?

          You’re an idiot.

  4. He’s absolutely right. I stopped caring about that after E3. Now that we have actual footage of games running on the Wii U hardware, I’m satisfied. Looking forward to it this console. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. It’s only natural that a sycophant would be satisfied with current generation graphics on Nintendo hardware.

      1. The thing is, the Wii U puts out “current generation graphics” at launch. It took the PS3 and 360 6 years to get to this level. Assassin’s Creed III runs at 60fps and native 1080p on Wii U, at launch. So, it’s “current generation graphics” with a frame-rate and resolution boost.
        Think about the future. The Wii U will be optimized and pushing out graphics that are vastly better than what has been seen before on this current generation.

            1. Could you please try using correct grammar and spelling from now on? It’s annoying me more than Aeolus. >.<

  5. Where else can you play Metroid and Zelda?
    Couldn’t care less for specs…almost…I just want the online connectivity better this time.

  6. I hope the Wii U can somehow filter mods, I’m not talking about cheats/hacking, I’m talking about USER DEVELOPED MODS.

    If Skyrim came to the Wii U, and it could handle mods I would rebuy it, I have it on the Xbox and it gets boring, no good hairstyles, can’t mod spells or anything, I mean honestly, mods that could edit character appearances and change things you’d prefer, it’d be nice to have on a console gaming system. It’s a shame only the PC can do this…

    I doubt this would ever happen, only in my dreams I suppose. Unless of course homebrew comes out on Wii U, then their’s hope but I’m sure Nintendo is gonna make sure there’s pretty much no way that’ll happen again. ;~;

    1. *there’s.
      But I see where you’re coming from. I’m not into mods myself, but it’s cool to see user creations.

      1. Yeah there’s, I was typing fast so I’m bound to make a typo somewhere lol… Sometimes at least, and I mean I love using Textures and things for Minecraft, I think mods would up the experience for many games. Super Smash Bros I have tons of textures, I think they should add Mod Support for games that usually GET a lot of mods.

        Minecraft (If that ever came to Wii U, highly doubt it. And I mean HIGHLY doubt it.), Skyrim, Super Smash Bros, possibly Mario Kart, and a lot of other games would be really nice to have some mod support, possibly plug in your USB and it’d set some folders up for you, then you could put whatever you want on it.

        Of course if this happened, I’d expect this on the future next gen consoles in about 10 years, more than likely not now.. :\

    2. if anyones seen some of the mods for super smash bros brawl, just imagine that but officially allowed

    1. You’re dead wrong.
      Graphics can step it’s way into inovation, as well as controls. And if graphics does evolve, then what’s worth playing a game for?
      Controls? Gameplay?
      It seems to me that all games are the same now. With exception of a few fresh, compelling games. I’m not saying graphics is the selling point, it’s the theory behind it.

      1. graphics dont make the game better i dont buy a game because it look cool i buy a game so i can have fun not

        1. Graphics do, or can make a game more visually immersive.
          And the first thing you see in a game is it’s graphics. They can make the game look more fun, so when you first see it, you think, “I want to buy this game because it looks like fun”
          That’s how I think of it.

    2. Graphics make a huge difference, actually. They don’t need to be realistic, however. They just need a particular style. For example, Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. It may not be graphically impressive on terms of realism, but the cell shaded style is very fitting for the game and sets the mood along with the music and story. Video Games are an art, Marioguy. A combination of Graphics, Audio, and Story telling along with the added feature of controling said story. So, graphics are important.. people just don’t seem to care about the art of videogames =/

  7. I think one of the reasons people are focusing on the specs of the Wii U is because they are worried about a repeat of what happened with the Wii.

    1. Yeah I can understand that but I won’t worry until I see the specs of Orbitis and Durango. Plus there shouldn’t be too huge of a graphical margin so developers that are smart will put their games on all three systems.

      1. I’m actually kind of excited for what Sony announces. We’ve had all the Playstations and all were very enjoyable consoles. It’s just the drones I can’t stand.

        1. Yeah I can’t say too much about Orbitis right now since everything I have heard is just rumors and speculation. My prediction is that they will have it priced closely to the Wii U and it will heavily support Playstation Move or (once again just a prediction) the EyeToy 2 which will be even better than a Kinect.

            1. He’s right. Or did you just ignore that sony and microsoft shit their pants and released more casual games and new tech to compete? They wont make the same mistake twice. We already know the 720 will have a kinect build in (which core gamers wont want, but tough shit for them).

                1. That can apply to any console, why would they leave it broken? You blithering fucking idiot.

                  Even when you tryyyyy a defense, you fail miserably at it. Jesus fuck.

                  Sales. Do. Not. Equate. To. Quality.

                  The Wii sucks and that’s the end of the discussion. You bought a piece of shit which had nowhere near the amount of games as real platforms and a bunch of stupid wagglefest games not proving that motion controls are at all better. Deal with it.

                  1. Which is probably why you base your argument around the fact that the top 30 selling games on the Wii don’t include THAT many worthwhile hardcore games, regardless of the dozens of proper, hardcore and critically acclaimed games for the system that didn’t sell as well.

                    Like you said: sales do not equate to quality.

  8. that’s because as technology advances people expect the best from electronics. or maybe he’s talking about graphics whores. yep graphics whores. *ahem sonydrones ahem*

  9. Well, the console is clearly HD sufficient, and pixels won’t look any better than that for awhile in gaming. Heck, IMO it’s sufficient overall in it’s technical specs. At least it won’t be as behind as the Wii was when compared to it’s competition.

    I’m very sure the Wii U won’t be as powerful as it’s competitors as well, but does it really matter? Does the console not suffice to consumers and developers alike? The more powerful console definitely does not equal the superior gaming experience, it’s been witnessed in the past several times, as well as in this generation. Sony and Nintendo have both experimented this, successfully.

    I’ve remembered saying the competition around this time will depend highly on exclusives and unique capabilities only, way in 2010. I still have that mindset, and so I easily agree Harada.

    1. I agree with what you’re saying too. The problem is that Nintendo has a hard time securing exclusives and so it will have to rely on unique capabilities only. The Wii U does not have enough unique capabilities and Microsoft and Sony should have plenty of time now to copy whatever Nintendo is doing. The one saving-grace that Nintendo will always have are it’s first-party franchises and therefore Nintendo will at least do well this upcoming generation.

      1. MIcrosoft and Sony can’t do much more with graphics anyways, if they release more Nintendo can as well considering they should have System Updates now I would think. Anybody know if the Wii U will have unlimited system updates, or will brick like the Xbox 360 eventually if they update it to much?

        1. Unfortunately at this point no one really knows a whole lot about the Wii U. It’s still very mysterious but that can be a good thing so Sony and Microsoft will have less time to copy and more time to focus on their own original stuff. Everyone wins.

        2. Well, Sony and Microsoft could always make their next consoles 4K TV compatible. Of coarse both the TV and console would be expensive as hell, so IMO they would be digging their own graves if they go this route.

          1. Yeah I heard at this point that is the highest graphics can go. Too make a console do that now would be insane. Although seeing Uncharted with those graphics would be interesting…

            1. Not the highest, i’ve seen videos of 8K TV’s. But those are probably much farther off from being available, i’ve read that 4K TV’s were expected to hit the market as early as later this year. You can look it up.

                1. Your welcome, and I think your eyeballs would be fine lol. The only thing that would make them melt is when TV has higher resolution than reality X_X

            2. There is absolutely no such thing as the “highest graphics can go”. Show me graphics looking exactly like real life and running in real time, along with intelligent lighting effects.

                1. No, that still won’t be the peak. Art direction in the future can and will push games beyond the scope of what is reality.

                  Nice try, though. This boring retort isn’t helping your case.

      2. Actually, when I mentioned exclusives, I was referring to their first-party. The competition will really need to rely on first or second party titles to succeed. The Wii U’s sufficient power will destroy the third-party barrier the Wii greatly suffered with.

        I do agree that Nintendo won’t get away in terms of most “unique” as they did with the Wii. Microsoft obviously isn’t giving them that advantage this time around, as they’re trying to create an alternative variation of the same tablet concept. Similar to what Sony did with their “Move”, but arrived on the motion controller boat far too late IMO.

        When it comes to a battle of exclusives this upcoming generation, I can easily see this company dominating due to having superior priority in their first party.

  10. Mr. Katsuhiro Harada. Seems to be forgetting that he is talking to some retarded north American ” gamers.” A lot of video game players in America grew up in single parent homes, thus the missed out on a balanced moral feed most children get in Japan. In short they are uncouth and lack common everyday sense and decorum. Then you have idiots that are Sony and Microsoft executives and news pundits who hate the fact Nintendo caters to everyone and not just elitist money splurging buffoons. Am done now, were is aleous to troll the new troll above taking his spot?

    1. He’s on vacation.
      But honestly, most of the retarded ones are on Xbox, stupid 5-12 year olds cussing people out on Call of Duty. It’s kinda pathetic, I’ve always love the Nintendo community due to how they kept to themselves and didn’t just try to fight people over a video game.

      Then again, it might just be the CoD community. Hopefully Nintendo can just get online play for their other multiplayer games and I’d be happy.

      1. You are very correct. Nintendo fans and gamers are actually the majority. Great thing is we were raised correctly. To be polite and talk only when necessary. We never start flame wars but we know how to extinguish them. Yes the COD children are a problem because some parents just don’t get it. Then there is the ones in their twenties and thirties that just have no bearing that there is more to gaming than FPS and bromances. Like work, women and sports.

        1. Whoa, there, Gamer.
          While I like where you’re coming from and I mostly agree with you, I gotta call ya out on the “we never start flame wars” thing.
          Whether we like it or not, every fan base has it’s bad eggs that love the attention that starting fights brings. Ours is no exception.
          We may be more peaceful in general, but we still get our “children” every once in a while.
          My one condolence is that we haven’t had any of our ilk featured on the local news out here in California for killing someone to get a system at launch, or for buying a brand new system for the sake of unboxing it in front of the crowd and them smashing it on the street to piss them off.*coughPS3cough*

  11. Katsuhiro Harada, now that other major third parties are jumping onto the Wii U, he is recanting his statements. We all know the Wii U is powerful, what we now need is for Nintendo to market third parties to us. Unreal 4, CryEngine 3, Square-Enix Luminous engines run on this marvel, now someone make F-Zero and Metroid prime 4, and I will not touch a Sony or Microsoft console again.

    1. Same here, the only reason I have an Xbox is for Skyrim, CoD (sadly due to the Wii’s games having horrible online qualities), and… well just the party chats.

      If Nintendo gets something like a party chat I’ll be extremely happy, playing games while talking to friends, nothing better than that.

      1. You are correct there, Monster hunter tri is great online, am still playing that game. It’s gaming excellence; imagine it is actually by Capcom lol. I always laugh when I realize Capcom is that great at making games. Something Microsoft ” sesame, kinect sports” studios can learn from.

    2. Someone call up Retro Studios and ask them to make Metroid Prime 4 and F-Zero. Right now I think they are working on Star Fox for Wii U (just my prediction).

      1. Personally I am writing a letter to retro and Nintendo. Letting them know another operation rainfall is underway. Metroid, F-Zero and starfox.

      2. Nintendo probably have plans for those games -.- its just unfortunate that other than Retro, they cant really trust anyone else handling their franchises (look at Other M). Nintendo NEEDS at least 2 more first party developers, then they can focus on making the franchises and Nintendo can work on new IP’s an Zelda ( i doubt we’d see a console Zelda being made by anyone other than Nintendo)

          1. It was okay, but it required no skill what so ever, just press directional buttons to dodge everything. There was alot of, why do i have to do this shit moments. Like the scripted parts where you have to look for something in first person, and its got like the smallest point you have to focus on -.- plus shes was whiney and had a voice that would send most people to sleep

              1. I think it was a great game, but most games are getting easier, I think they should’ve made it harder as well and it was annoying having to look for small points I think, but still it wasn’t as bad as most people say it was.

  12. Hey, you want good graphics? Go buy a fucking PC. Im not buying the WiiU thinking it’ll do EVERYTHING that i want, im buying it because the controller and new exciting gameplay. I dont care if it sells like 40 million in its entire lifetime, it’ll still be awesome either way. SOFTWARE and GAMEPLAY makes the console great, not insignificant numbers and specs

  13. “people are too busy discussing the raw technical power of Wii U, rather than the system’s unique capabilities.” WHAT UNIQUE CAPABILITIES!? LMAO. What is unique about it other than a gimmicky controller? Other than that its just a PS3!

    1. Nintendo’s games have always had unique games, while the other companies usually just have 12 year olds cussing you out, and most games are just first person shooters. It’s kinda boring.

      I like the Xbox and all, and Sony I loved their old games but they don’t have any games that satisfy me like Nintendo’s games have, well at least their older games. They’ve had good new games but not as many in my opinion.

      1. I agree that Nintendo games are amazing. Thats the only reason I have bought almost all their systems. Although… I am not too confident on getting a Wii U or it being successful. It looks as if though its going to end up like the Wii did. :p IMO, the Wii was gimmicky but innovative because it introduced motion gaming. :P NIntendo’s most successful home console yet but also the most criticized/forgotten. Don’t lie, when it comes to gaming conversations the Wii is often left out. In some occasions, its not even considered a console. They see it as a toy. :P And thats why I dont want to purchase a Wii U. I have a feeling that NIntendo will have a really tough time attracting the core audience… Whenever the PS4/Xbox 720 come out, fans of the PS3 or Xbox 360 are gonna want them over a Wii U. To be honest, I don’t see how the Wii U is a so called “next gen system” and like I said, to me its just a small improvement of a PS3. The only difference is its controller.

    2. Try harder this time. Switch on your Vita and play monster hunter 4 or 3G. Wait you don’t have those right ? lol. Anyway ACIII on the Wii U is running at 1080 P native. Your precious PS3 would lag and spaz, I won’t even say what would happen to the xbox 360 if it did try to run a game in 1080 P native resolution without upscaling, probably electrocute the owner trying into plug it into the wall socket lol. Am trolling with facts, something Sony drones and xbots need to learn.

      1. I might’ve gotten a PS3 a long time ago, but since the price was ridiculous I just said nah. I’m not gonna get one probably unless someone sells it to me for like 50$ xD.

        But anyways, not really sure about specs for them so I’m not gonna say anything about that, imagine the 3DS if it got some kinda support, or the tablet was upgraded so you can just bring games with you in the car for a while.

      2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__p5Nv1P4jw Even at 1080p theres not much of a difference. :p The game just appears to be darker on the Wii U version. Probably due to the setting of the game. A better example would be Batman Arkham City. :p THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL!!! I EVEN BELIEVE THAT THE PS3 VERSION LOOKS BETTER!

        1. I have bad internet on the weekends, so I’d lag to death otherwise I’d look.

          Anyways, I haven’t even played Batman Arkham City so I don’t even know what the graphics are like, and I could care less if one pixel is brown and the other was black to make the difference LOL. Like, even if the PS3 had better graphics settings in your opinion, I wouldn’t mind it being slightly worse.

          I doubt people even know how to use the Wii U’s graphics to anywhere near it’s fullest considering it’s not even out yet. So that may or may not be a reason if what you’re saying happens to be true.

          1. Exactly. Compare an early 360 game to Halo 4. It almost looks like its on a differemt console.

            WiiU is doing better graphics than the apex of the ps3/360. Imagine what games will look in 3 years time, and then 6 years time. Thats why im not worried

    1. It’s the only thing that held the Wii back, but honestly I don’t think the Wii U will have a problem, other systems can’t do much more besides make the systems more… adjustable I guess, I mean their’s tons more but I’d think of them as minor tweaks.

      I think the Wii U will be alright with their graphics, not as great maybe but it’d probably be able to run most 3rd party games if not all. I’m sure we can trust them with the hardware, just hopefully they can make the online experience better than the Wii’s.

      I’d also like to see some better single player games, maybe a new Paper Mario game that is like the first 2 (Combat System wise).

      1. You’ll notice how big of a gap the visuals will get come 2014, it has two years to have fun being marginally better than existing devices.

        1. With Sony’s recent statements, there is no way that the Wii U “won’t” be eclipsed in a similar manner to the Wii. Thankfully it has HD graphics and a somewhat normal controller layout to fall back on rather than forcing developers to go completely haywire with meaningless gimmicks that can be done with buttons instead.

          There is so much ways to prove this console isn’t a significant leap either. The components will be as cheap as Nintendo can get whilst still being able to make a profit AND be sold at $300-350. That’s not a good sign when it comes to horsepower, unless somebody wants to show me a PC build from the ground up for $300 that can run the majority of games effortlessly.

          1. Wow! The Vita is doing well against the 3DS hahahaha. Thing is you should never let Nintendo get a foothold early. With Sony bleeding money, they cannot afford a 600$ machine. By the time Sony and Microsoft are announcing the ps4 and xbox 720, Nintendo will have a large install base; probably know how to upscale the win U. Also their is a possibility of releasing Mario galaxy 3 two days before those two consoles release. Remember what happened to the Vita on it’s release day? Nintendo had countered with a game and a Nintendo direct :). Here is how the eighth generation plays out. 1) Nintendo 2) Sony 3) xbox 720.

            1. He who saturates the market “first” isn’t the guaranteed victor, it remains to be seen how the Wii U let alone Vita holds up years from now.

              Saturn, Dreamcast, 360, you get the picture.

              Also, Sony can very well afford that machine. This argument is tiring to read from fanboys and full of speculation AIDs. As if a 6.4 billion dollar loss is suddenly making Sony “too poor” to afford an expensive device.

              hint: It doesn’t.

              1. The 360 is the best selling machine in the past 18 months. If the Wii was just bought by “casuals”,then in terms of core gamers, the 360 owned the market. The ps3 caught up, and is trying to now, but only because of the slim and the fact sony had to sell te ps3 at a loss. Sony will not make the same mistake again. They lost money. “they’ll sell it at a loss”. Yeah, but itll be a far cry from the loss they made with the ps3. I suspect the WiiU will be sold and a slight loss, to try and compete. But sony wont release a console that should be $600 for $400. They’ll release a console in the same price margin as the WiiU, or as the 720, which is looking as though itll cost the same as well.

                1. Sony lost money on Blu-ray and Cell; not graphics horsepower. It’s really tiring when people bring this shit up.

              2. @Aeolus:

                The difference is, is that the Sega Master System, Genesis, Saturn, or the Xbox were very successful. That’s why Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, & Xbox 360 got off to such a rocky start when they first came out. Nintendo’s situation is different, in which the Wii U will be coming off from the Wii.

                Plus no, Sony can’t afford to make another bleeding edge console without taking another big loss while selling it for $300 to $400.

                1. …Saturn was successful? What world are you living in? o_O Xbox was successful in terms of new competition, though.

                  Yes, Sony can afford to take a hardware loss. Prove otherwise and you will have a case to make. This is nothing but fanboy speculation based on one $6.4 billion year loss out of the fountain of the other $40+ billion orso they had at the time. If you refuse to prove that they can’t afford it, your argument is invalid.

              1. You can’t read things if people have forgot apostrophes or misspelt 1 word, you ask people to ‘type their whole sentences again’ just because of tiny mistakes like that, so shut the fuck up moron assclown

        2. Yeah I know what you mean about the 2 year gap, but I don’t think it’ll matter that much, if people care about a few pixels that much, then oh well.

          The Wii’s graphics they couldn’t do much about, it was hard to even update their own system and just everything was pretty much bad about the system itself, games were good but the system couldn’t do much. Guess you could say it was EXTREMELY limited.

    2. No, weak hardware holds whiney PC gamers back, and it doesnt even hold them back, PC’s have the best quality graphics. EVERY console is “holding graphics back”. Is it a problem? No. We are not all rich fuckers, who can buy some uber console for a ridiculous price. Even if you put a brand new console, with the newest tech inside, with graphics as good as a high spec PC, give it 4 years and it’ll be obselite and dated. Shut up you moron, go buy a PC if its such a MASSIVE problem that you need to come on here.

      1. He’s stating something, if it bothers you that much just ignore it.
        Please don’t come in here calling people names, I’m even trying to have a conversation with him. Please keep your insults to yourself.

        He’s not saying you have to buy something expensive or whatever you’re getting at. Weak hardware WOULD hold some companies back, but I faith Nintendo wouldn’t just provide some crappy hardware for us.

        1. Blue… get a clue. Nintendo isn’t gonna provide crappy hardware at all. Furthermore, they haven’t given us the tech specs of the new hardware for the U until this fall’s Nintendo Direct.

          1. Because the tech specs are nothing special. Even those “confirmed” ones floating around is the very definition of an overclocked 360.

            Actually, not even overclocked because the clock itself looks to be the same. The graphics aren’t significantly better on paper either.

        2. No, he just comes on here bashing Nintendo for everything they do, hes just troll. And he gets to “state his opinion” but i dont? Give me a break. Im just telling him, again, that what hes saying is wrong, and is ridiculous, because all he does is rave about how ps4/xbox 720 will be the “real next gen”. But by the time theyre out, they will be dated, and now hes saying “weak hardware” holds gaming back. Im sorry, did the Wii stop ANYONE from making graphically superior games on the 360/ps3? No. Did the ps3/360 stop the PC from doing the same thing? No. Hes talking shit.

          1. All you’re doing is making him happier with giving him the negative feedback he wants then lol. Just ignore it, and The U Nation, I know they won’t provide bad hardware, I’m just saying I want the online and everything to be as good as Microsofts at least, I want some way to talk like a party chat, no need to tell me to get a clue.

            I already know they’re going to provide better hardware than the older consoles, that’s obvious.

            1. I cant imagine the online being bad, they madd the Nintendo Network since, theyve got the Miiverse, they seem very focused on making a great online, its like their 2nd priority, behind the WiiU gamepad

          2. It seems people have problems with opinions that involve maligning the other person. That is what Syrup has a problem with, and that is something you should understand.

          3. The Wii stopped developers from making games that can stand up to them in visuals. Fact.

            Every Wii multiplatform title was so watered down that it may as well be an exclusive. When it comes to Wii development, it was cheaper than everything else and the console was selling like hotcakes, therefore that would interest developers who ultimately only care about their wallet.

            That’s exactly what it did, hold this generation back. Unlike the Gamecube, which was good enough not to get watered down games.

            1. No, developers on the Wii were held back, but it did NOTHING to the other developers on other consoles. At all.

              And its sad how you said, “Gamecube was good enough” when it was argueably the most powerful system out of the 3 (Resident Evil 4 is proof of that). Stop layering your points with fanboy bullshit and more people might actuLly take what you say seriously

              1. Other develops =/= relevant ones. For those other developers, they were pushing to be the best they can be, and Nintendo was simply unsuitable for what they were doing with the weak hardware. Wii was either: Watered down in games, or missed entirely.

                No, the Gamecube was not more powerful than the original Xbox, it isn’t even an “argument”, it’s a technical fact:

                -485MHz IBM CPU
                -162MHz ATI GPU
                -40MB overall RAM

                -733MHz Intel CPU
                -230MHz nVidia GPU
                -64MB RAM

                CPU – tie
                The GameCube’s may be clocked lower, but was much more efficient (better bandwidth, RISC architecture, more cache, what have you), making it “at least as powerful as a 733MHz pentium.” – so says the head of Factor 5.

                GPU – xbox
                The Xbox’s was not only faster, but had vertex and pixel shader pipelines, allowing for things like more bump mapping seen in Doom 3 or Halo 2 than what we’d normally see in GameCube titles. Plenty of GameCube games nicely utilized its GPU though, such as all the bump mapping in Rebel Strike, or the beautiful cell shading seen in Wind Waker.

                Memory – xbox
                The GameCube’s memory was faster than the Xbox’s, which is definitely a plus, but at the end of the day, 40 is still less than 64.

                Overall winner = Xbox, but in practice it’s clear that GameCube was able to give it a run for its money, as there were plenty of gorgeous GameCube games that looked better than most Xbox games (take Metroid Prime, Rebel Strike, Star Fox Adventures, Wind Waker, Resident Evil 4, or Baten Kaitos, for instance).”

      2. Gaming is an expensive hobby, there is no “cheap” and “gaming” in the same equation. I can very well afford a $400-500 device within two weeks pay, and still be left with enough for myself for instance.

        The rest of your argument is weak and full of ad-hominem. Due to consoles being so old, developers are still focusing on them rather than the next-gen, that is holding PC gaming back. Educate yourself.

        1. “i can afford a $400-500 system and have money to spare”

          You do know, not EVERYONE earns that amount of money, not to mention, bills, rent, food, clothes, essentials. Clearly, youve never owned a housd or lived on your own or with a house mate, because if you did youd undedstand very well that for most, gaming NEEDS to be affordable, and some people can only afford 1 game a month.

          1. Not everyone is besides the point. I will say it yet again: gaming is an expensive hobby, there is absolutely no such thing as cheap and gaming in the same sentence.

                1. you do that anyway
                  don’t give me this crap about gaming being an ‘expensive hobby’ I don’t have to spend all my money on games to enjoy gaming assclown

  14. Another statement that seems to prove that the WiiU’s specs won’t be as good as the technical possibilities of today would allow.

    1. Yep, totally agree. Don’t you find it funny how absolutely no Wii U rumor places it vastly ahead of consoles in specs? Just like the Wii rumors?

      History is repeating itself, I’d lose my faith in humanity if they fall for Nintendo’s junk again. Core gamers however, won’t be onboard as much as they hope them to be. That’s good news.

      1. Just wait and see how the wii u goes. U have no proof that it will fail. U dont know anything about the other consoles yet.

      2. That’s exactly what I’ve been wondering about. IF the WiiU is so next-gen, IF it really has great specs which are so much ahead of current-gen, why is no single developer saying or showing it? Or forget about the developers, why don’t Nintendo’s people themselves simply prove us wrong if the WiiU’s specs are truly as “super-amazing” as all the fanboys act like it would be?
        Because it simply is not that way. And this was ultimatively proven a few weeks or months ago when Nintendo themselves said that they rather focus on “gameplay” than on specs. But of course all the fanboys are blind when it comes to such obvious statements, even by Nintendo themselves.

        1. Pretty much this, those expecting a substantial leap beyond “2x existing consoles” are merely fooling themselves yet again.

      3. You’ll lose your faith in humanity if a console doesn’t have adequate graphics to your graphic whore eyes
        wow and you call others sad

        1. I lose faith in humanity when I see idiotic responses that clearly don’t read what was said. A lot like yours.

      1. Their exclusives are mostly the same 20 year old IPs though, that’s the problem.

        Fact of the matter is Sony introduced the most new IPs this generation. That’s not the best of signs.

        1. The 20 year old characters still develop new games with different gameplay. Super Mario Superstar Saga created a new series, if you get what I’m trying to say.

          I think they’ve already announced making new ones haven’t they? Not sure about it.

          1. Even when they do, those “new IPs” very seldom take off because gamers are so fixated on the same ones with every new generation.

            “I want a new Metroid, Zelda, Starfox, Mario, SSB, in HD!”

            Create a variant of this sentence with a few of those titles and it is the same requests every generation, no attempt to give Nintendo ideas about something that hasn’t been done yet, they’ll just keep asking for these over and over.

          1. Surprisingly, the biggest sellers on the Wii didn’t sell nearly as much as the blatant casual games.

            Wii fit sold 43 MILLION units. NSMB about 29 million, everything else goes downhill from there.

  15. Sony drones and graphic whores are more weaker than Nintendo’s new console. By the time the Wii U is released, everyone will enjoy the games… not total specs in making a perfect system.

    1. What do you mean they’re weaker? The Wii U won’t have the graphics PC’s have if that’s what you’re saying, and if it DID it’d just fall behind eventually.

      Sorry if you were saying something else but that’s what I got out of it, and I enjoy games for the gameplay, although some games you just need to have SOMEWHAT good graphics.

      I wish more 8bit games were made still though, I don’t see them much anymore :\

      1. I didn’t say it’s weaker, Blue. Furthermore, it’s irrelevant to compare consoles to a $1,000 – $2,000 PC. Nintendo wants the Wii U to have not only the best looking graphics for a gaming console, but also to be affordable to consumers.

        1. Oh okay, I thought you were just one of the ignorant people saying the Wii U will have graphics superior to everything lol.

          And yeah I know they’re wanting to make it affordable to whomever they can.

        2. I can build a gaming PC for like $600 or even UPGRADE my current living room desktop in $300 in relevant parts and it would run virtually every game at ultra settings, no problem.

          You’re seriously on illegal substances if you think it’s that expensive.

              1. It’s because Aeolus a.k.a. Amir Stuart is a rabid Sony fanboy who hates Nintendo (games and systems). All he does is spread lies and bullshits… only when he sees good and bad news about anything Nintendo related.

                1. You weren’t even able to refute what was said and had to resort to nothing but senseless name calling. You’re a child and you know it, hope you can survive high school, I foresee you getting beaten up a lot.

                  1. Bitch please. I’ve seen you beating your meat for Jack Tretton for each and every bullshit you posted at My NINTENDO news. You belong to a Sony blog… or rather a fucking zoo.

                    1. You mention this Jack Tretton fellow a lot, hate to break it to you, but he’s not interested in sexual relations with you.

    1. Ditto. The online on PS3/360 at the moment is pretty basic, looking forward to see some of the things people can do on it ( i can imagine walkthroughs and guides taking off if it can be done, just suspending te game for a second and going on the miiverse to find out where a collectable is, that would be huge)

  16. You know what’s a crappy game? The Wii U.

    I can make illogical statements and act like I have a point too.

    Hence, the power of the Wii U shouldn’t even be the first thing people think about. They should be thinking about what games they want to play on it.

    1. The game I’d like the most is probably the entire Mother series, it’s a shame Itoi has no plans and stated he doesn’t want to make another Mother game. Those games were amazing ;_;

      Other than that, I’m looking foward to Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, and Super Smash Bros more than anything, hopefully they all make an appearance, I know Smash is.

      1. But the most important thing is that the wiiU must be on the next generation so that it can plays the games that wii want

    2. The games will be nothing but ports and the same old reskins of Nintendo games. Maybe even DS rehashes, oh wait that’s already happening with Scribblenauts.

        1. The problem with shooters *I’m assuming you’re referring to military FPS* is that you can only do so much with them. Just like sports games.

          1. Sports games are so boring to me as well lol, and yeah I mean I guess you can only do so much, wonder why there’s not really been a First Person sword game online, but I guess The Elder Scrolls: Online or w/e it’s called is doing that now.

  17. Nintendo as always has them running scared. PC users now fearing Nintendo, is it the fact that MMO developers are saying that it can become one of the greatest platforms for mmos? Apple to is shaking, why I seriously have no idea, thought apple like Nintendo was innovative; so apple chill we like you. The Wii U’s capabilities to run all the future and current gaming engines makes it the developers choice. Plus it is very easy to program for. Nintendo is also giving indies and small developers great incentives to capitalize their ideas and make some money. It’s up to us the gamers to buy these great software IPs.

      1. That’s your problem. You’ve got a short attention span, so you can’t appreciate games that are a bit more than just shooty shooty.

        1. You call it a short attention span, I call it saving myself from reading fanboy horseshit.

          The rest of your reply bleeds stupidity, as if you know what the fuck I’m playing, so I’m effectively ignoring you from now on.

  18. Why Nintendo doesn’t anounce the specs so wii can find out if the U is on par with the next generation?

            1. R700 is the series of card that presumably powers the console, which dates back to 2008.

              The processor is nearly identical to the 360, perhaps some different architecture and cache memory, but I’m not seeing anything significantly different.

              k, just tried posting links and the comment is apparently awaiting moderation, so just look up “R700″ on wikipedia, Xenon (processor), and in google “Wii U confirmed specs”, and you’ll find what was meant to be posted.

                  1. You have failed miserably, Aeolus the dickless troll. All he ever ask for you is to find a reliable source. But you threw in a fucking towel in defeat. You lose, Sony whore! You’re done! You’re defeated! Good day, sir!

                  2. So its ok for you to ask for sources for anything someone says but when I do it I’m a ‘lazy piece of shit’. Wow that’s not hypocritical at all
                    Just give me a source because I can’t find one saying that, assclown

  19. As long as the games look good I’m fine. I just don’t want Wii U to end up like the wii with developers not putting their AAA games on it because of power limitations. An artist will pick a pallet with the most colors, likewise a developer will pick a system with the most power.

  20. I honestly dont know why people care about the specs right now!? The system isnt out yet so you dont even need to know the specs. So lets say you got them…right now…big whoopie ding, you have the spec,s well guess what? you still cant buy the system yet!!!

      1. 100 Million Wii Consoles is what happened, probably will be 110 to 120 million consoles sold once the Wii is finally retired. Also I see the Wii U having sold 50 million by the time the xbox720 ( FPS casual dreamworld) and the ps4 ( move 2, eye toy 2, 12 axis ) are released lol. Then the battle for number two will start between Sony and Microsoft.

        1. No amount of sales hides the fact that the Wii had the worst games of the platforms.
          No amount of sales hides the fact that the only games selling were the casual ones.
          No amount of sales will hide so few GOTY titles it has compared to the competition.
          No amount of sales hides how much “dust it collects” in people’s closets.

      2. You say the ps4 will have a huge gap in power, u got any proof. If u have no facts u should really stop havin a bitch.

            1. “Unreliable bullshit”, that happens to be a direct statement from Sony’s CEO.

              I can tell you’re bitter, the truth hurts after all.

              1. If the truth hurts, then the fact that a huge leap in power will make the PS4 too pricey to sell well to the average consumer, therefore limiting it to the elite/core crowd with rich mommy’s and daddy’s or jobs of their own, must really stick in your craw.
                Face it; you’re just as big a fan-tard of sony as you accuse others of being towards Nintendo.
                Take the Move stick out of your ass and go play some games on your PS3.
                You’re not convincing or impressing anyone on this site with your just-as-biased opinions anymore.

                1. Dude, you’re a clown. And a living parody of fat ass Nintendo gamers. Until you can form a legitimate argument as to why this console will be pricey, you will have a case to present. Anything else towards the contrary, is fanboy speculation and damage control.

                  Fun fact: PS3′s price is Blu-Rays fault in nearly it’s entirety. I want to know how that’s relevant to power. You stupid 28 year old virgin.

          1. When he says a significant leap it doesnt necessarily mean in graphics. If he does mean in graphics you could be waiting a long time.

              1. Isn’t that what they did with the PS3? And we all know how that went down…

                And when you get down to it, Sony managed to cut the sales of the PS brand in half – I don’t care about any trash about how they’re doing in comparison with MS. MS are irrelevant.

                1. The PS3 went “down” because of Blu-ray’s price at the time and their silly investments into Cell.

                  They could easily have a customized GPU on par with modern PCs again.

  21. I’d easily pay 300-350 instead of 250 for hardware that would make it a more towards “next gen”. I’d even be willy to pay an extra 30 bucks just to get the pro controller with it from the start. The maximun would be 450 dollars, but then the pro controller should be included and the processor should be at least quad core + a decent graphics card.

    Innovation is needed nowadays to be on top. Just look at apple. I just don’t hope that it means nintendo is spending all the money on research, and none on hardware. Because after all, it’s the games your after. When the console is starting to miss out of 3rd party titles because the hardware is too weak, I’d say you made a mistake.

    Might be tempting to release it cheap and the sales started with a kick start, but in the long run I think they’d benefit from not seting the price too low. Just look at ps360, they’re catching up. The productioncosts will sink with time as well.



    1. @Aeolus you trolled enough get that roy’s boyfriend and your fucked ash and get the fock out of here!This is a N I N T E N D O SITE!

  23. if wii u was less powerful or at least on par with current-gen consoles why would some games like assasins creed 3, zombiu, and others be exclusive to wii u?? ITS BECAUSE WII U IS MORE POWERFUL THAN X360 & PS3!! NOW STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE SPECS BECAUSE ITS OBVIOUSLY MORE POWERFUL THAN MICROsoft AND PLAYSTATION…

    1. ubisoft is thinking to release zombiU on another consoles too and if ya dont believe me then ask @sickr

  24. Next gen has NOTHING to do with specs at all. Really the best systems arent the mot spec heavy.

    The systems I got the most use out of this gen were the freakin ds and psp. Certainly not ps3 powerhouses.

    Its a combination of entitled internet goers, and insecure nintendo trolls. Combined that and you have just nastyness

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