Bravely Second Demo Set To Arrive In Japan On December 10

Square Enix has unveiled a new Bravely Second demo will be hitting the Japanese eShop next week. Due to arrive on December 10, the demo will be an original standalone story and feature The Three Musketeers as introduced in the Tokyo Game Show trailer earlier this year. As was the case with the Bravely Default demo, which hit the western 3DS eShop last year, those who download the special episode will be able to carry over some items into the final game. Music from Supercell’s Ryo will also feature briefly in the demo, along with some voiced characters.

Square Enix has yet to announce whether the game will hop on over to the west, but with how well Bravely Default was received we can only hope we receive confirmation of a date soon. Bravely Second will release for Japan this winter.

Sonic Boom Wii U Demo Coming December 4th

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric hasn’t been met with the warmest responses from video game critics and Sonic fans. However, SEGA has announced that it’s planning a playable demo for Wii U owners which will be available to download on Thursday, December 4th in Europe and North America. So if you fancy giving it a try then you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

Here’s A Look At 25 Minutes Of The Final Fantasy Explorers Demo

There’s currently a demo for Final Fantasy Explorers, but as you can tell it’s only for Japanese consumers. The video, which you can view above, shows off the character customisation aspect when you initially begin the demo and thankfully there’s some meaty gameplay footage to keep you entertained. We are still waiting for Square Enix to announce a western release.

Final Fantasy Explorers Demo Heading To Japanese eShop November 14

Square Enix has announced a demo for Final Fantasy Explorers will arrive later this week on the Japanese eShop. The company’s latest action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS – which is set for release on December 18 in the region – features a wide range of character jobs, amongst notable Final Fantasy monsters and summons. A demo was announced earlier this year for the upcoming title, but details were a little scarce.

According to Famitsu, Japanese gamers will be able to download the demo from the eShop on November 14. Similar to the Bravely Default demo seen last year, players will be able to transfer some of the data – such as items and weapons – from the Final Fantasy Explorers demo into the full version when it releases. It also includes all major aspects of the game, including multiplayer, along with two summons battles, a selection of jobs and the story’s opening prologue. A few gameplay videos are available on Famitsu, one of which is embedded above.

Pikmin 3 Demo Now Available To Download In North America & EU Wii U eShop

Nintendo has revealed that a free demo for Pikmin 3 will be available to download for European and North American fans straight after tonight’s Direct concludes. If you’ve yet to play the adorable title – which released in July 2013 -and are wondering if it’s the game for you, make sure you check out the demo on the Wii U eShop. You can also take a look at Miyamoto’s short Pikmin films on the eShop, which was announced earlier today.

There’s A Demo Of Captain Toad At Best Buy

Fancy testing out the adorable Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker? Well here’s some good news. The game is currently available to play at US retailer Best Buy. I would assume it’s just a couple of levels on offer, but should serve as a good taster for those who haven’t had the chance to experience Captain Toad’s mini adventures.

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Here’s Alternative Ways To Get The Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Demo Code

Nintendo of America has outlined how you can get your hands on a special demo code for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. This free demo lets you experience exclusive scenarios in the Hoenn region. You’ll encounter Pokémon that will Mega-Evolve for the first time—and you’ll even be able to bring a new Mega-Evolved Pokémon into the full version of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Items that you obtain while playing can also be transferred to the full versions once purchased.

How to get a demo code:

  • Codes will be distributed at select cinema locations nationwide from Nov. 7–Nov. 13 (while supplies last).
  • Check with your local retailer during the holidays to find out about special demo code giveaways (while supplies last).
  • Get a code with your purchase of the new Pokémon Art Academy game (out Oct. 24) when you buy from Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system.
  • You’ll also get a code with your purchase of one of two classic Pokémon games coming to the Virtual Console service on Nintendo eShop: the Pokémon Puzzle Challenge game (out Nov. 6) or the Pokémon Trading Card Game (out Nov. 13). You’ll find your free demo code on your eShop receipt (download codes available while supplies last).
  • Codes will be emailed the week of Oct. 31 to select Nintendo customers with Nintendo Network IDs who have signed up to receive promotional emails from Nintendo.
  • Codes will also be distributed during the holiday mall tour from Nov. 24‒Dec. 21 at 16 different locations throughout the nation. Talk to a staff member to try out Pokémon Omega Ruby, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire or any of the featured Nintendo 3DS games to receive two codes—one for you, and one for a friend (while supplies last). Check back soon for a list of tour locations.

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