Sony Executive: I Wish Nintendo A Lot Of Success With Wii U

Sony Computer Entertainment America President and CEO Jack Tretton says he wishes Nintendo a lot of success with Wii U. Tretton says whatever drives attention to the video game industry is a positive thing for Sony. Tretton also acknowledges that Nintendo has a great heritage in the video game business.

Nintendo’s new Wii U console launches tomorrow in North America and November 30th in Europe.

Rising tide lifts all boats. Any time there is attention to the industry, any time there is attention to gaming it’s a good thing for us.

It takes a village of creativity to ultimately push technological boundaries. I think Nintendo has a great heritage in the business, they certainly surprised a lot of people with the success of the Wii. They’ve got great heritage in their first party development, and I’m interested to see what happens with it. But I think anything that draws attention to gaming is good for companies like us that live and die in this business, so I wish them a lot of success.

-Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America

Tretton: ‘Sony Has The Greatest Minds In The Industry’

Sony’s E3 press conference recently finished. At the start of the presentation, Sony Computer Entertainment President Jack Tretton thanked their fans and claimed that they have the greatest minds in the video game industry. This radical claim comes in after certain video game journalists stated that they think Sony has the most impressive group of first-party developers. Nintendo’s E3 press conference kicks off tomorrow and they will reveal both first-party and third-party games for Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo: Sony Claims To Cater To A Wider Audience


Jack Tretton, the outspoken President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, has boldly claimed the company takes more risks than Nintendo and caters to a wider audience than both of its competitors combined.

“In an industry that’s certainly had its challenges this year, we like to say that the environment where PlayStation wins is best for this industry. We have a brand that can play on a worldwide basis, young and old, male and female, where our competition tends to be relegated to either select regions or to select consumer audiences.

We don’t have unlimited money, we cater to a more mass market audience. I think we’re willing to take a little bit more risk than a competitor like Nintendo is and ultimately we deliver to the masses on a worldwide basis and that’s what we’ve done for the last 15 years.”

Jack Tretton, Sony America