Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Is Live Includes Theme Shuffle And Amiibo Menu (Video)

Nintendo has just released the latest firmware update for Nintendo 3DS owners. The new update include changes to the HOME Menu including the ability for users to shuffle their various themes. You can also get software updates via the HOME Menu. There’s also the Amiibo menu which you can check out in the video above.

Changes to the HOME Menu:

  • A Shuffle Favorites feature has been added under Change Theme in HOME Menu Settings. Users can choose multiple themes and have their theme change when the system is left in Sleep Mode from the HOME Menu or turned on after being off
  • Available software updates can now be downloaded from the HOME Menu
  • Users can now capture screenshots with both the upper and lower screens included

Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Thanks, David S

Steel Diver: Sub Wars Version 4.0 Available, Removes Play Coin Requirement For Online Battles

Steel Diver: Sub Wars has been updated to version 4.0 today. The free to play game for the Nintendo 3DS has had a number of changes according to director Takaya Imamura after he shared the message with fans on Miiverse.

The biggest change, perhaps, comes with the removal of play coins for online battles in the free version. In previous updates to the game, players would have to store up a number of play coins in order to battle others in multiplayer mode – initially two which was then reduced to just one play coin. However, if you bought the full version of the game, play coins wouldn’t be needed. Now, Version 4.0 removes play coins all together, much to the delight of those who continue to play the free version.

An option to remodel any sub from the Submarine Selection screen has also been added. For £0.89, director Imamura says you can remodel subs to expand their crew-carrying capacity, which now equates to a six crew members for any selected sub. For a full rundown of what you can expect in the update, check out the list below. And to download the update, head on over to the Nintendo 3DS eShop or simply launch the software to start the update automatically.

Tweaks for Version 4.0:

  • Submarine diving and surfacing angles
    The angle of a sub when it dives or surfaces will not be as steep, which makes it easier to evade frontal attacks.
  • Durability balance
    In order to improve game balance, we’ve adjusted the defensive strength of submarines with a durability stat of six or more.
  • Crew appearance in single-player missions
    In single-player missions, crew that you’ve already rescued will not appear, making it easier for you to recruit new crew members.
  • Matched Skills
    Battles Players between level 30 and level 49 can now match up in Matched Skills Battles.
  • Starting positions in Internet Battle The starting positions in Hot Springs were returned to the Version 1.0 settings.
  • Play Coin requirement
    We have removed the Play Coin requirement for Internet Battle in the Free Version.
  • Bug fixes
    We fixed a bug that inflicts damage on you when you sink an enemy.

Here’s What The Next Hyrule Warriors Update Includes

Hyrule Warriors will be getting a rather large worldwide update on November 27th. The newly announced update will see the level cap raised and also support for Amiibo figures. It should be noted that the update is for everyone, not just for those who have got the DLC.

  • level cap raised
  • max amount of materials raised
  • new potions
  • new medals
  • amiibo support.

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Pokemon X & Y Version 1.3 Update Available To Download Now

Nintendo has released a new update for Pokemon X and Y today. The new update brings both games up to version 1.3 and features stability enhancements and general bug fixes. As per usual, you’ll need to update your copy of X and Y in order to battle other players in online multiplayer with the Player Search System, or if you’d like to use wonder trade, game sync, or download new Pokemon via mystery gift.

Considering Diancie begun distribution on October 27 throughout US GameStop stores, it’s a possible explanation as to why many users were encountering error codes. Players will need to make sure they have space on their SD card for the 320 block download, which can be found over on the eShop or when launching the software.

Minor Miiverse Update Enables Activity Feed Filtering On Wii U & Web Versions

Nintendo has released a new Miiverse update today. Although minor, the update will allow users to filter their activity feeds on both the Wii U and web version to “Friends Only” or “All”. By selecting the “All” button at the top of the page, a drop down menu will pop up and allow users to select between displaying their friends updates or all those they follow on Miiverse.

Other than that, Marty has relayed that the search box for finding users has been moved to the top of the page on the Wii U and 3DS versions. It’s the same as the web version, which was moved to the top of the community list in the update last month for ease of access.

Here’s The Hyrule Warriors Trailer For The Master Quest DLC Which Is Out Today, Plus Update

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have released a new video to celebrate the launch of the Master Quest downloadable content for Hyrule Warriors which goes on sale today in Europe. The DLC costs £6.99 and contains the following:

  • 2 new costumes for Lana / Cia,New weapon for Link (Epona)
  • Brand new map for Adventure Mode (with some new 8-bit weapons and alt. color costumes to unlock)
  • New Legend Mode battles

A software update is also available for Hyrule Warriors and is version 1.3.0. The description says that the new update introduces new features and adjustments to enhance the overall experience.

  • Adds ability to access the content in the Master Quest Pack
  • Adds three new playable characters: Cia, Volga and Wizzro
    Introduces additional enhancements to improve the user’s experience and enjoyment

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WayForward Says Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Will Be Updated To Support New Nintendo 3DS

Matt Bozon, Director of the Shantae series, has announced that the company is extremely excited about the prospect of the new Nintendo 3DS which launches next month in Japan. Bozon says that WayForward Technologies are already working on an update patch for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse that will take full advantage of the new hardware from Nintendo. The company also confirmed that Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse will run at a blazing 60 frames-per-second on a regular 3DS with the stereoscopic 3D turned on.

“We’re really excited about the New 3DS! We have an update for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse already underway, which will add a ‘quick select’ control scheme, as well as other minor improvements to the game. Look for that to arrive closer to the launch of the New 3DS in the US.”

Thanks, Michelle