Pokémon Shuffle Update Available Adding New Stages And Features

Amid an avalanche of Nintendo news, a major update for the wildly successful Pokémon Shuffle was announced.

This update detailed on Pokémon Shuffle’s official website brings the following new features and stages to the game:

Super Catch Power!

Now Pokémon are easier to catch than before with the new Super Catch Power feature. When you get a chance to catch an enemy Pokémon at the end of a stage, the Super Catch Power feature may be triggered. When it is, your ability to catch that Pokémon gets a huge boost! Perhaps this will be the extra help you need to catch that Pokémon you’ve never quite been able to get.

Improved Heart Usage

Up until now, each player had a stock of Hearts which included both the Hearts that automatically regenerate and those received in exchange for Jewels or for passing by other players. With this update, the Hearts that a player automatically regenerates will be stored separately from those received by other methods, allowing regenerating Hearts to always be used first.

Checking Out Pokémon

Before the update, it was possible to check your Pokémon’s current level and skill on the Pokémon List that can be accessed from the menu or on the list of Support Pokémon displayed before beginning a stage. This update also lets you see such info whenever you catch a new Pokémon.

Combo Numbers Shown Longer
Your combo record is displayed on screen for a slightly longer amount of time. This gives you more time to capture your achievements for posting to Miiverse.

Even More New Kinds of Event Stages!
New kinds of stages are on the way! Stay tuned for details on these mysterious stages. For now, take a peek at screen shots of the upcoming stages.

Shantae And The Pirate’s Curse Update Hits North America Tomorrow

Fans of Shantae’s latest 3DS outing should be aware of the update coming to North America tomorrow. WayForward did us all a favor with their helpful tweet!

The update for Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse includes a bunch of features made for the New 3DS! Many of these updates were created with speed-runners in mind. Here is the list of goodies, straight from WayForward:

  • Use ZL or ZR to quickly swap between Inventory and Map screens.
  • Use the Right Control Stick to “Quick Select” your magic and items.
  • Tap the Touch Screen at any time to revert to Original controls.
  • Owners of original Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL can also access these features by connecting the Circle Pad Pro accessory.

New Wii U Update Available To Download

It’s been a while, but we’ve finally got another firmware update for the Wii U. The official Nintendo Support page says that the latest update is a stability one, so it doesn’t sound as though new features have been added this time around. Hopefully we will get a larger update which brings new functionality after E3 which begins next week in Los Angeles.

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

New Splatoon Update Brings N-Zap ’85 And New Map

Looks like today we’ll be getting a new update for Splatoon, which sees the release of the N-Zap ’85 as a new weapon, a new map called Port Mackerel and a brand new Ranked Battle mode to play! You can check out how these look in the gallery below. Looks like they’re keeping the game fresh with new content. How are you enjoying Splatoon so far?

Miiverse Update Improves The Activity Feed

Tom from Miiverse is at it again and has announced that the Kyoto based company has improved the Miiverse Activity Feed. Tom says that starting from today only the newest posts of your online friends and followers will be displayed in the feed. This means that the Activity Feed will load faster, which will come as welcome news by many. This latest update to the social network applies to all versions of Miiverse.

Hello Miiverse, Tom here!

I’m here to bring you…a Miiverse update! We’ve received many requests for improving the Activity Feed. So starting today, only the newest post of your friends and users you are following will be displayed in the feed, which means the Activity Feed will load faster!

This update applies to Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and web versions of Miiverse. That’s all for today, thanks!

Cheers, Josh S for the tip.


Mario Kart 8 Update Version 4.1

A new update has rolled out for Mario Kart 8, version 4.1. It’s a pretty small update that just fixes some general bugs. The update has:

  • Improved the overall gameplay experience
  • 200cc and Mirror Mode are now immediately unlocked

So now you don’t have to earn all the gold trophies in 150cc to be able to play 200cc and Mirror Mode!

Nintendo Releases Global 3DS Update For Pokemon X & Y, Alpha Sapphire And Omega Ruby

Nintendo has released a global update for the four mainline Pokemon games. Version 1.5 for Pokemon X & Y and Version 1.4 for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby can now be downloaded directly from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. While it’s not known what changes have been made to the games, it appears various bug fixes are included, along with an update to parts of the game text.

Pokemon fans will need to download the recent updates before playing online – whether in battles, trading via Wonder Trade, or redeeming any event Pokemon through Mystery Gift. Pokemon X and Y players must have at least 246 blocks available on the 3DS SD card, while the Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby update requires 271 blocks to download. Earlier this month, the Pokemon Company revealed a new psychic-dark cross Pokemon named Hoopa Unbound, which will only be available for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby owners.