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New Miiverse Feature Allows You To Filter Popular Posts By Date

Miiverse has had another minor update on both Wii U and 3DS. Marty’s been on hand to divulge the new feature’s details in Nintendo’s online community, which allows members to filter popular posts within communities by date. Here’s what Marty said in full:

“We’ve added a feature that lets you filter a community’s popular posts by date. Note that the date displayed is when the posts were popular, rather than when they were made.”


Small Miiverse Update For 3DS And Wii U

Miiverse has had a small update affecting both Wii U and 3DS versions. Marty has given us the low-down detailing that users can now unfollow and follow other users directly from the followers page, rather than going through the hassle of opening their profile page first. And if in doubt about whether you can post a screenshot to a Miiverse community, the update has given us a handy “X”, which will display for communities that do not support screenshot attachments.

Aside from the updates above, the Wii U also has an additional update, which can allow you to play posted videos in high quality format. Though if there’s no HQ version available, the video will continue to play in normal quality. It’s not a large update by any means, but it’s marginally bigger than the update earlier this month.


Spin The Bottle Free Update Is Live, Adds Six New Mini Games

Nintendo of America has announced via Twitter that the Spin The Bottle Wii U update is now live. The update adds an impressive six new mini games and is absolutely free. The update will be free for existing owners of the game, but those who don’t already own it will have to pay 8.99€/11.99$ for the pleasure.

Wooooo! Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party just added six new fun mini-games. Download the game in the #eShop on #WiiU. http://spr.ly/60145p96 

Thanks, Lazara the Last


Two Minor Features Added To Miiverse On Wii U

Nintendo has provided a minor update to Miiverse on the Wii U. In order to create a seamless correlation between the social app on the 3DS and Wii U, the Y button will now refresh the page rather than the Wii U GamePad’s L button. There’s also a new feature added to Miiverse, which allows for quicker movement between posts. Using the L/R shoulder buttons on the GamePad will provide speedier access when scrolling up and down posts.


NES Remix Update Adds New Controller Options

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that an update for NES Remix is now live and available for download. The version 1.1.0 update will allow players to use new controller options, including the Wii U Pro Controller, Wii Remote and Classic Controller. The update has also seemingly fixed a few mechanical problems to allow for smoother play.

The NES Remix update was rolled out to Japan last night, with Europe following this morning. Nintendo of America has yet to confirm its availability in the region, but they are bound to follow suit in due time. NES Remix is available to purchase from the Wii U eShop.


Nintendo Provides Detailed Update On Recent Nintendo Network Outage

Nintendo has provided a detailed update on the recent Nintendo Network outage. Via its Facebook page, the firm says the primary causes of the current downtime are due to an influx of Nintendo Network accounts being created and accessing the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo has also apologized once again to those who are affected by the service’s unavailability, and says it will continue updating fans on the matter. Read the company’s Facebook post in its entirety below:

Thank you very much for your patience while we perform maintenance on the Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Network. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support. We wanted to share some details on what is causing this downtime, and update you on the current outage in service.

The initial outage was primarily caused by a one-time surge in demand over the recent holidays, compounded by the following:

1) An influx of new Nintendo Network accounts being created and accessing the Nintendo eShop.
2) Existing Nintendo 3DS account information being moved to new Nintendo Network accounts.

We are continuing to adjust our network to meet the needs of all our services and applications. To ensure our global audience has an expected level of consistency in service, we took the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS offline. We expect to have it back online no later than 4 a.m. ET on Dec. 29, but may have to perform more maintenance in the future.

We truly apologize for the inconsistencies in our online services. We are working hard around the clock to fully restore these functions, and will continue to keep you updated on our progress.


New Nintendo TVii Update Out Now

Nintendo of America has released an update for Nintendo TVii on the Wii U. The update brings with it a number of small improvements to the application, including updating the remote with easier access to certain features. Nintendo TVii has yet to launch in Europe despite the console already being out a year. Here’s some of the new features you can enjoy.

  1. Team up with other fans and earn points by predicting plays
  2. These points will be used for leaderboards
  3. Updated remote with easier access to features
  4. Better fps with scrolling – 60 fps?

The Wonderful 101 Update Arrives In The West


Nintendo of America has announced that The Wonderful 101 is set to receive an update today in North America and possibly Europe. Platinum Games say they have repaired the bug that disabled users from obtaining the Wonderful Figure No. 24 depending on the progress. The update also adds improvements to overall software usability. The update should automatically pop up on your Wii U system.

Toki Tori 2 Sales Have Risen By 8027% Following Update And eShop Sale

Two Tribes, the development team behind Toki Tori, has announced via Twitter that sales of the game have risen by an impressive 8027% following the new Toki Tori 2+ update and the eShop sale. The game has received a huge sales spike after releasing the big update for the game and discounting the game’s price. You can view the changes that the new update brings in the video above.